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  1. Exclusive control over selected DAC. Including dynamic sample rate and frequency changing based on the playing audio. As of now Android seems to step in and totally govern USB dacs while the built-in seems to be fully functioning.
  2. Some of it is definitely for the worst. Take the Finalcut X fiasco. Crapple thought they could dictate to an industry what they want and needed just as they do to their sheeple customers. Got real wake-up call and fixed that nonsense. The smaller scale apps like this though..... real hit or miss. Like here, max needs to know what to focus on next, the % voted and now so.ehow he's a bad guy. Is been years so I suppose the changes would have been better in doses which really wasn't possible given the gravitybon the new android code at the time. Add to that the fact that it's a one man show and we get HUGE changes for anyone who sat at a distance all these years.
  3. There are options in the settings for that........... seriously look around the new app before assuming the face product is all there is. It's 2018 people
  4. Well not sure what to say. Most things we "like" you tend to need to be more involved in than just throwing money at it and thinking that's all there is to it. Apps especially tend to be on a constant track of upgrades so seriously not sure what you expect. A LOT of sodtware involves it's userbase for input and updates so yeah. Nothings standing still. If it is it's outdated and abandoned. It's simply the way it goes now.
  5. Everything was quite public from the get-go. If you're one of those uninvolved users that want to set ot and forget it, this is what you get, and rightfully so. The best I can say at rhis point is to actually look around your new updated app and try the functions before automatically flaming it like MANY of you do. I can guarantee at the least that I'd inherited modern functionality of other apps you haters probably use all the time and also don't say a thing about...... Personally I was surprised as well that iu took the vote way back when, but being a visual person, and also involved in tbe alpha and betas, v3 was welcome on my part.
  6. Than definitely a strange load issue with my phone. The Verizon S7 has been odd and laggy after the oreo update (mine has at least)
  7. Anyone else notice how even with the buffer set to huge it skips a few seconds of song every now and then?
  8. Gapless has been working fine for songs on SD and internal for a while, so strange. My S4 sid and does it just fine as well as my S7 and the galaxy player 4.2 [sans aac so clearly a processing issue to an extent] Honestly most people have their music stored on SD card so there's clearly something odd here. Between a crappy SD card and files not properly encoded the Moto 5G should be more than capable of gapless playback in Poweramp. Edit: totally quoted the wrong person lol
  9. Wonderful news. I was worried I was the only one Glad to see you're on it ?
  10. Seems that the latest build likes to jump ahead in the album list at times when blutooth playback resumes. I made extra sure shuffle is off but it still happens.
  11. Anyone else see how when its paused the now playing tab at the bottom shows an entirely different song and album as up and playing. Press play or reconnect and it picks up where it actually left off but doesn't show it lol
  12. I personally go with the album - artist just fine. Just me? Eh....
  13. High res takes advantage of a phone's built-in dac. The S4 and mini didn't have one so that option shouldn't even be visible (it wasn't for me when I put the alpha on my S4) Otherwise, smooth sailing so far on my S7 Also... why are people really asking for 3rd party skins. The api and this app literally JUST released. Logic people!
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