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  1. Yeah. Definitely not where I thought it would be. Seems to stop transferring when the screen turns off for me. I move music and videos between my phone and PC all the time so having only half the file show up in the destination is deal breaker. I'll keep testing it out and try MiX as well since those can write to the Android folder, unlike Smart lol
  2. Found the SMB function lol. Seems a bit spotty, and perhaps that's another samsung/google underlying tentacles thing in my case. I'm have to test it out while I have the trial going. Feels a bit cumbersome compared to ES, and even Smart File Manager which I've been using since the whole ES debacle, but even that has become buggy as of late (definitely rom related)
  3. A Samsung rom bug? I knew it couldn't all be Google lol. Here's hoping that update drops sooner rather than later for this S10+ lol. ES was amazing! Solid works, but without lan capabilities it would be a secondary thing here at best.
  4. Solid Explorer definitely did it. May be a keeper lol 11 is quite the pest. Has to completely rescan the SD card should a restart happen (those are quite often depending on ones phone manufacturer) I could only imagine what a developer has to go through when Google drops this much of a change. Especially a one man army.
  5. I'm definitely going to take a look into this. I screwed myself over with a factory reset a month ago (as well as updating to begin with....) This security crusade is seriously becoming a pain (and a crux arguably)
  6. Storegn dropped this head banger a month ago. Can't get enough!
  7. I've been enjoying my visualizers (yes, I'm one of them odd and rare folk), but it seems Android 11 broke that (among other things) The folder location for 3rd party presets appears to no longer exist after the update, and the Android folder seems to be restricted so I can't even try to make the folder hierarchy now. Gonna miss Atom Smasher, all thanks to the Android 11 update, or at least what ever nonsense Samsung did to it. 😭 /end random rant
  8. The point is to playback the music in the same bit depth and sampling frequency it was recorded and mastered in On the side of the guys actually mixing amd mastering the work, there are advantages for various works. It's not 'just' marketing fluff. However there is the issue or lables and even ill informed artists going for lesser, more crunched mixes as opposed to a variation that actually takes advantage of all that technical stuff that 'normal folk' would rather be onlivious to. A good example would be Fallujah's second album years back. On a thread at MetalSucks the peanut gallery had the audacity to trash the mix amd even attempt attacking a special guest. The actual engineer dropped in and educated the clowns who literally were using huge terms entirely out of context and have no idea of how that process works.... similar to the op that clearly would rather male due than to really dive in to how audio works.
  9. For the last 2 months I've been on a music binge. I've noticed upon adding new soungs to my music folder, Poweramp now wont read the metadata of newly added FLAC and Vorbis files. They will show up in the Unknown folder. Flacs will overnight show up properly, yet the ogg files stay unknown, usually a few songs will properly be read and the album will be perpetually incomplete. Nothing has changed on my end. Many albums bought and downloaded through bamdcamp and CDs ripped. Tagged through foobar2000. I've attemped retagging and converting to check that the tagging was done properly. In the end I fall back to aac where the tags are read immediately every time. Galaxy S10 + Multiple updates: android 10 with March 10 patches Poweramp v3 build 861-864: auto updates
  10. Exclusive control over selected DAC. Including dynamic sample rate and frequency changing based on the playing audio. As of now Android seems to step in and totally govern USB dacs while the built-in seems to be fully functioning.
  11. Than definitely a strange load issue with my phone. The Verizon S7 has been odd and laggy after the oreo update (mine has at least)
  12. Anyone else notice how even with the buffer set to huge it skips a few seconds of song every now and then?
  13. Gapless has been working fine for songs on SD and internal for a while, so strange. My S4 sid and does it just fine as well as my S7 and the galaxy player 4.2 [sans aac so clearly a processing issue to an extent] Honestly most people have their music stored on SD card so there's clearly something odd here. Between a crappy SD card and files not properly encoded the Moto 5G should be more than capable of gapless playback in Poweramp. Edit: totally quoted the wrong person lol
  14. Seems that the latest build likes to jump ahead in the album list at times when blutooth playback resumes. I made extra sure shuffle is off but it still happens.
  15. Anyone else see how when its paused the now playing tab at the bottom shows an entirely different song and album as up and playing. Press play or reconnect and it picks up where it actually left off but doesn't show it lol
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