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  1. Exclusive control over selected DAC. Including dynamic sample rate and frequency changing based on the playing audio. As of now Android seems to step in and totally govern USB dacs while the built-in seems to be fully functioning.
  2. Than definitely a strange load issue with my phone. The Verizon S7 has been odd and laggy after the oreo update (mine has at least)
  3. Anyone else notice how even with the buffer set to huge it skips a few seconds of song every now and then?
  4. Gapless has been working fine for songs on SD and internal for a while, so strange. My S4 sid and does it just fine as well as my S7 and the galaxy player 4.2 [sans aac so clearly a processing issue to an extent] Honestly most people have their music stored on SD card so there's clearly something odd here. Between a crappy SD card and files not properly encoded the Moto 5G should be more than capable of gapless playback in Poweramp. Edit: totally quoted the wrong person lol
  5. Wonderful news. I was worried I was the only one Glad to see you're on it ?
  6. Seems that the latest build likes to jump ahead in the album list at times when blutooth playback resumes. I made extra sure shuffle is off but it still happens.
  7. Anyone else see how when its paused the now playing tab at the bottom shows an entirely different song and album as up and playing. Press play or reconnect and it picks up where it actually left off but doesn't show it lol
  8. I personally go with the album - artist just fine. Just me? Eh....
  9. High res takes advantage of a phone's built-in dac. The S4 and mini didn't have one so that option shouldn't even be visible (it wasn't for me when I put the alpha on my S4) Otherwise, smooth sailing so far on my S7 Also... why are people really asking for 3rd party skins. The api and this app literally JUST released. Logic people!
  10. Guess the only real issue Over personally run into is the library list option resetting to album after a few songs of an album is played. I always have to go back and select album - album/artist after a while. That and the queue acts very differently from V2 and the alphas no matter the settings. Viciously jumping mid-song to whatever you toss into the queue instantly, IDK. On that one.
  11. Gotta dig around your new updated app bro
  12. Omg. I just noticed playstore showed it updated Poweramp and was was like "that's not supposed to upda.. *GASP* THERES BEEN SOME PROGRESS!" ~edit~ apperantly i'm not tagged for album/artist as it crashed two times as I tried to select that option. But anywho... dark theme! And there are more visualizations, and a screen on option! Ogm I'm gonna have fun with this
  13. Very much the same. Should have mentioed how this is connected through my car's bluetooth. And i happened before the oreo update aswell (so nougat and oreo, though not as many times as nougat considering I've had the update for 4 days now lol. Btw, headpjone jack is so loose I can't use that on this phone anymore
  14. So far on my Galaxy S7 (now updated to Oreo) the only issue over run into is audio stopping entirely and requiring powering off the phone. Otherwise, just some feature that arent enabled causing slight pain but thats to be expected [queuing being the main one but meh]
  15. Haven't had any real issues other than the obvious beta teething issues (random episodes of skip-pocalyspe that require a phone restart) All I can "complain" about is are the awful blocks of text covering the artwork, and perhaps a nitpick about the waveform seekbar lol. Wish is was a bit more conforming to the music ie perhaps the bars were a bit thinner. Small stuff but decent so far on the absolute basics. Queing albums isn't working as I found out on a recent roadtrip but expected I guess.
  16. You mean the presets? Those are more than likely simply MIA. Quiet a bit seems to be broken and missing that clearly should be there (like pressing a button and nothing happens style)
  17. So far so good on my Nougat Galaxy S7. Hopefully I'll get to actually sit down any play with it beyond just bluet ooh streaming soon. Wont install on my rooted kitkat S4 though. about to flash a Lollipop rom and see if that helps lol
  18. That's not universal at all. Don't project your bad experiences as being anymore than just that.
  19. So it had to be gutted from the ground up.... We're I'm for a treat whenever he gets to it then. Only thing is have yo wonder though is what "features" could really be added to pur wonderful player of choice? Especially from all the whiners. 99gg of people asking for "more" usually don't even know what "more" is until its fed yo them.
  20. >:} I do hope this will be heavily skinable. Really not interested in the lifeless flat design trend that has taken over worse than the plague
  21. ......... what? Pretty sure that's exactly what thos is. The stable main version is on tbe playstore and this is entirely seperate for now
  22. *I* don't need or like features so take them out!!! Didn't realize that waa how it worked
  23. Intriguing. Is this what the Poweramp user base consists of? As I've seen, it's Poweramp and Neutron Player for anyone who really cares about the sound quality, and I'm sorry but the other guys took the ancient premise of "form over function" too literally. It's lazy as I see it. Poweramp is actually a full package deal. A proper modern app that actually does it all. Looks good, sounds good (now even utilizes the device's DAC as it should even) and people are moaning over what the focus should be as if they are the only one using the app for anything. And worse, slamming the dev for apperantly not giving you a split second out of their day of doing apperantly nothing but coding....... Updates would be nice I suppose, but the guy has a life and other things going on, gaurenteed. Not like this is some major business witba n entire marketing department to toss you a bone to keep you content while the drove of coder figure how to make all their waring ideas merge without tripping over eachothers toes. Seriously guys, check yourselves before vomiting please ? Personally I suppose since we're all playing entitled..... I despise Material design and all the current trendy flat lifeless design trend that's all the rage. I personally see nothing brethtaking mor 'funtional' about it. Just lazily lumping everything in one place and under fewer submenues... fine, as long as things don't start getting cut out or gimped. I like the current design. The new trend looks like some 3rd grader drew it and fir some reason everyone drewls over it ?? I love visualizers so milkdrop for life?. Now if I could get my gappless musepack playback fixed for final release.... ???
  24. So it appears that while build returns the high res output options for us in nougat, the routing is borked. Having any of the high res options selected now sebd the audio through the phone's speaker..... period Edit: seems to have fixed itself Still might look into getting some logs
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