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  1. Hi Max, just tried 793 on my htc one m9 running android 7. open sl hd isnt available anymore and the hi - res fails to activate. reverted back to 790 with open sl hd working, cause thats the best sound that ever came to my m9 even viper4android ist working in combination with it, which doesnt work wit hi res audio. (PS i read open sl hd was renamed but its just gone on 793...) Cheers & thanks for the best audio player on android.
  2. nice, i was on 703 and high-res reappeared after installing 704 on nougat. seems to works fine. HTC M9 with ViperOneM9 7.0.0 rom cheers
  3. thanks, the same happens with boomsound... not available in hi-res mode.. probably the same issue... have to admit with good headphones the sound of Poweramp is just perfect... with my cheap earplugs the viper sound is a little better with convolver and the right ir´s. read somewhere musicfx should work on hi-res but what effects / plugins support it then ?
  4. hi, using 703 for a couple of days now without issues on my htc m9. i also managed to get musicFX working with some edits in htc_audio_effects.conf which are also needed to get viper4android to work. using viper in compatibility mode i can enable it with the musicfx button however it doesnt work in hi-res mode... it either has no effect or it kills the sound (comes back after toggling hi-res off and on) cheers
  5. Hi, just installed v3 alpha on my HTC M9 running marshmallow. so far its running great on high res mode... more volume steps is really an awesome new feature sound is really fantastic! Only things i noticed: - coming from v2 on first launch there seemed to be no visualizer preset activated, so there was just a blank screen after choosing a visualizer preset it worked... disabling visualizer doesnt stick once Poweramp is out of ram - changing sample rate in wired headset / Highres output seems a bit buggy when changing it a couple of times display isn
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