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  1. Yes I am... The alternative layout moves song name/artist/album below art... The 3 dots are still there.
  2. Can you remove the 3 dots from the top of the album art!! 😉 Thanks
  3. Yop!! Agree... It's annoying to not be able to read a song/album/artist name.
  4. When the song/artist/album name is to big... This is what happens. Also...why did you moved that info bellow the cover (great) and the 3 dots remain on top of it? Thanks
  5. exactly... very weird... the file its prety normal, works everywhere.. but Poweramp scan dont read it. good bug for the developer figure out.
  6. Hi! So this file doesn't work with Poweramp.. Other files in the same folder/album work as usual.. kind of strange.. and yes the folder is ticked/selected!! Can you try it for yourself? What was the result. Thanks 01 - Heading Out To The Highway.mp3
  7. Hei.. one of the files is this one... thanks...... Also the file plays in the phone default player 01 - Heading Out To The Highway.mp3
  8. I done that as well. Didn't work. If the problem is in the files... Why can I play them in Poweramp using a file explorer app?!
  9. Every time i want to login to the forum I have to reset my password and create a new one. The password that I create never works. Annoying bug.
  10. yop did it... created new folders... nope does not read the files.. the problem must be files
  11. I tried everything including your suggestions. Dont work. Still I have some folders with mp3 that the app simply don't read. Thanks.
  12. This is a big first time I saw it... I have some folders with mp3 files that the app does not read. I checked all the boxes rescan multiple times... Still songs don't appear although they are inside the folder. In the default player app they appear. They play in Poweramp if I choose them with a file explorer app. Thanks.
  13. That's exactly what's happening now. The overwrite option is truly needed.
  14. These is a feature that in my opinion is lacking a lot. Now evertime I want to edit one of my personal presets I have to write it up all over again... Annoying. The overwrite option is no longer available. Also where are the apply to album/song option?
  15. I never saw the lockscreen since I am a beta tester ....
  16. Did something to fix the album art size?!
  17. For some reason the album art is very small in my player. Different from you guys... Any way to fix it?!
  18. I just updated to version 795 and I still do not know how the Poweramp lock screen looks like. In changelog the lockscreen his mentioned. I'm using Android 8.0. My lock screen always like that... No matter what I change! Thanks.
  19. Using the 3 dots on the main player is the same as long pressing in the song/artist link. Can you just remove the dots?!
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