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Playlist Titles Color Change like Queue


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Just bought Poweramp from Google Playstore. It is an amazing app!

I do not know if this is already in the settings but I am unable to find it.

I want all the songs that have already been played in a playlist to change color. This is helpful when you switch between playlists. All that is needed is if the play-head crosses from the end of 1 song to the next one in a playlist the previous song title changes color.

This is already implemented in Queue! All the songs that have been played change color to dark grey. Is there some setting I need to switch-on to make this feature work in Playlist as well?

(I have read on the forum that the last played song in a playlist is not remembered if you play some other song. So this simple sensible workaround is not available). I hope the above feature actually exists for playlist since it has already been implemented for Queue else it makes Poweramp much less useful for me.

Thank you.


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As you say, the last-played position of any list (whether that be a Playlist, Album, Folder, etc) is not remembered when you move on to the next list.

The Queue is a separate concept though, it temporarily bypasses the normal (list based) playback system and just plays a series of queued tracks before returning to where it left off. After a queued item has been played, it is not immediately removed from view though in case you want to go back a few tracks.

I'll move this message to the Feature Requests forum.


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Thanks andrewilley for the reply. I understand the concept of Queue in Poweramp. What I am pointing at is that the Queue has a hugely useful functionality & am asking if that same simple functionality is present for playlist. Since you moved the thread to Feature-Request sub-forum it seems that that is not the case. Combine that with absence of Playlists-Bookmark & it is hugely disappointing to say the least.

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