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  1. Hi, I have 2 queries. 1.) Is there a way to display the "Composer" info from the currently playing MP3 ID tag on the screen along with the usual Title, Artist & Album? 2.) Any info on the ability to play MP3 folders kept on Google Drive? I have read that there was a Poll for implementing Cloud Play vs Chromecast & Chromecast won last year. Hopefully Cloud will be implemented now since it would essentially remove the need for physically storing songs on Phone. Thanks Andy.
  2. Addition to my post above this one... I tried the suggestion given in Quotes here. No, Poweramp does not read the "Title1" field. It shows what the Stream provides. ============ EDIT: I think I found a solution. I mention it in the post above this.
  3. =================================== Edit: Hi Andrew After posting the stuff below, I think I found a solution. Custom Album-Art! None of my streams seem to be providing an album art of the currently playing song. And the Album art I select seem to be sticking even after closing the app. On reopening the app, although the URLs are a mess, the Stream section does in fact show the correct Album Art (which can now be used for Radio Channel Name!) Thank you. =================================== Hi Andrew, Thanks for the response. I simply add Streami
  4. Hi, The addition of "Stream" support is a welcome change! Thus far, I had to use a separate Android app to stream from online radio URLs. However, I have a suggestion. Please allow us to name a stream. Allowing "Title" in addition to URL would be very helpful. Example. Stream URL: http://musicxyzabc.com:4437/stream Title: Disco Radio This would make going through the list much easier. Currently only URLs are shown which result in not knowing which streams they correspond to. Thank you. Andy.
  5. Sorry for the delayed response. The problem still persists with the new updates. I am currently on v3-build-830. To reply to your question, yes it worked perfectly fine a few versions ago. I guess it started from v3 (not sure). This time I noted the error that Poweramp throws after a call comes "FAILED TO PLAY. Output Failed: Audio track output" After disconnecting or rejecting the call, the song starts at the beginning. This happens 8 out of 10 times. The rest of 2 times Poweramp works as it should. Please help. I cant use Poweramp like this. Thank you very much. PS: You
  6. Hello, I am on latest Poweramp. The current song which is interrupted by an incoming or outgoing call restarts from the beginning instead of resuming from where it was interrupted. This is inexcusable! It happens irrespective of a call connection type: normal via bluetooth or wired headset. Is there some setting I am overlooking or is it a bug that needs to be urgently quashed? Kindly let me know. Thank you.
  7. Hi, I just updated to the latest Poweramp (v3-build-823-play). I was excited to try out the Chromecast support. I am disappointed to report that the feature is not working. I am able to connect to my Chromecast & I can see the Poweramp interface on my TV. The MP3 song I am playing on my Android Phone is also listed on the TV interface & the scrubber also seems to be moving ahead every second on TV. However, there is no audio coming out! I tried everything. Restarting TV, Chromecast, Phone, App. Same problem persists Other apps work fine.. Kindly let
  8. Thanks andrewilley for the reply. I understand the concept of Queue in Poweramp. What I am pointing at is that the Queue has a hugely useful functionality & am asking if that same simple functionality is present for playlist. Since you moved the thread to Feature-Request sub-forum it seems that that is not the case. Combine that with absence of Playlists-Bookmark & it is hugely disappointing to say the least.
  9. Hi, Just bought Poweramp from Google Playstore. It is an amazing app! I do not know if this is already in the settings but I am unable to find it. I want all the songs that have already been played in a playlist to change color. This is helpful when you switch between playlists. All that is needed is if the play-head crosses from the end of 1 song to the next one in a playlist the previous song title changes color. This is already implemented in Queue! All the songs that have been played change color to dark grey. Is there some setting I need to switch-on to make this featu
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