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  1. Personally I posted this feature request because of AutoEq (https://github.com/jaakkopasanen/AutoEq) recommendations and after using their 10 bands file on parametric mode and been amazed by it... The only time I got a convolution equalizer working was with JamesDSP (https://github.com/james34602/JamesDSPManager) and the result was more than mediocre, I used the impulse response wav file given by AutoEq which should had produced a better or similar equalization compared to the 10 bands text file used on Poweramp but this was not the case. So in theory convolution equalization should be better but personally I think implementing a function that would convert that impulse response wav file into a 32 or 64 parametric bands profile (for a more precise equalization) would be a better implementation of a convolver feature and I guess would be a lot less heavy on CPU ressources.
  2. Hi, Your work is just incredible and thank you a lot for the parametric feature :), I bought the app right away, and after finishing my setup and been blown away by it I just bought the player even if I don't use it... top best paying app Adding a convolution mode would really be great where we would import a wav file per preset. (from AutoEq repo for instance) ... Lastly just as an advice (from a dev), you should update your business model not toward a subscription (I read somewhere that its planned), but making each new important feature a paying one (eq, 2 Euros for the parametric, 2 euros for an eventual convolver etc.) but its just an advice Thanks
  3. @Xav1403 Just tested the github AudioEq config for my headset with parametric mode, its mind blowing I get perfectly the exact same sound quality as my custom preset that required me 2 days to fine tune... its incredible that I got the same result BUT the bands settings are completely different its like saying 5+3+1=9 and 2+4+3=9 same result but different equation... anyway thanks Xav for that indication
  4. @Xav1403 Thanks Xav for those precisions ... an automated way with a button would be useful tho
  5. All the great bass are there 😜 (I know my treble config look contradictory but it works for me that way)
  6. Indeed the equalizer's bands impact other near by frequencies... on the graphical mode when using 32 bands starting with 5Hz there are 6 bands bellow 20Hz and I personally hear a big difference when tuning those 6 bands. Not that I can not really reproduce my config bellow 20Hz on the parametric, but a similar bands frequencies config on parametric mode would be helpful.
  7. Hi again... Sorry for bombarding the forum... your app is already awesome, but I guess sharing the experience is useful... I suggest adding a button at the end of preset list to import/convert preset from graphical/parametric saved presets. I played with the parametric preset its amazing but I guess it would require me a whole day to fine tune it correctly so importing/converting my existing presets from the graphical mode would be super helpful and time saving. Thanks
  8. @maxmp Thanks a lot for your answer 👍🙂 at least the pre equalization by Poweramp Player remain possible which is great
  9. Hi, Not too much important but a button bellow visualization button on the main screen to permit switching between graphical and parametric mode would be great Thanks This would permit an easy way to compare old equalizer settings and new one and we may prefer graphical/parametric depending on the sound source etc.
  10. Hi The parametric mode is awesome, but while on the normal mode we can use frequencies starting from 5, on the parametric mode the lowest value is 20... it should be set to 5 as well. Thanks
  11. Hi, It would be cool if we have a button on the main screen that lock the settings (make them not changeable) to avoid changing the bands levels etc. by mistake on swipe/touch or so... especially when using advanced settings like the parametric one. A "Lock" button between "Save" and "Reset" would be awesome. Thanks
  12. @maxmp is there anyway to tune android 11 (mido) Qualcomm to support audio effects (equalizer) with hi-res stream ? i have my config posted here https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/8736-list-of-android-devices-with-hi-res-audio-support-internal-dac/page/18/?tab=comments#comment-99706
  13. Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (mido) working and getting a freaking amazing audio quality, mind blowing for such a cheap device... System: Android 11, Lineage 18.1 (zeelog version) ... Also tested working with Omnirom v8.1, Android v8.1 mido) pasted a lot of details for the dev but this works out of the box with a fresh rom install... Double checked with audio frequency test files and with the root command "dumpsys media.audio_flinger" Note that Poweramp Equalize app, audio processing needs to be disabled when using Poweramp player... PAE does not work with Hi-Res anyway Partial output of "dumpsys media.audio_flinger" /vendor/etc/audio_effects.xml /vendor/etc/audio_output_policy.conf /system/etc/audio_effects.conf /vendor/etc/audio_policy_configuration.xml Also note that I am using dolby digital plus equalizer library... but its disabled and having it or not should not affect the compatibility Captures of Poweramp Player + Xiaomi's Dirac Option... (not really related)
  14. Solved with gravitybox 1. Using volume long press control for screen off on Gravitybox 2. Having the feature enabled on PAE for when the screen is on 3. Lineage built-in function is disabled everything works ... its probably a Rom/Lineage bug... because the gravitybox hooked function fix the issue... but its PAE related anyway
  15. I just double checked to be sure... pause/resume on volume 0 feature is not affecting this, its only related to "change track by long press"... but I kind a find the cause... I am using android 11 (lineage 18.1 by zeelog for mido) which have a built-in feature "control playback" when screen is off (long press change track) when this feature is disabled PAE long press function does not affect volume control anymore when screen is off BUT it does not work when screen is off (does not change track on long press) only work when screen is on to summarize (this is only affecting screen off) : 1. lineage 18.1 control playback enabled + PAE long change track function enabled = volume button not working at all when screen off 2. lineage 18.1 control playback disabled + PAE long change track function enabled = volume button working when screen off but PAE function not working when screen is off 3. lineage 18.1 control playback enabled + PAE long change track function disabled = volume button working when screen off and lineage playback feature works (but this feature is just meant for screen off) Note that when screen is off PAE does not receive long press action (checked on last processed commands) I don't know if there is a solution here, also don't know if android.permission.SET_VOLUME_KEY_LONG_PRESS_LISTENER is limited to screen on, or if this is related to Lineage... I may test this feature on Gravitybox I think its available there as well to have it working on screen on and off.
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