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Found 6 results

  1. There are many options to customize a widget, even more with advance tab. But still, I cant find a way to bring my visualizations in any of the widgets. It would be a nice addition to have this feature! Thanks.
  2. Is it possible to put blurry background of album art for bar spectrum visualizations?! That would be a beautiful option.
  3. Window media player's colorful spectrum visualization needed. I love that color throw visualization which came in Windows Media Player of Windows XP. Similar to the image i attached but colorfu.
  4. Looks like lots of work has been put into Visualizations. But little thought into practicality. The only way visualizations would be of any use is if they are a daydream, OR an option to keep screen on While charging/Docked. Throw in a slider to automatically dim the screen. ?
  5. Although V3 has got many visualizations but it lacks variety in bar type visualizations which is a priority while watching the music being played.i hope Max team gets us some really cool visualization animations,including some NCS styled ones.please accept this request devs and include some really really cool visualisations in the final release. As always,Poweramp is the best when it comes to music listening experiences
  6. Before I start I would like to point out the following: 3 Years of Poweramp Posted on September 7, 2012 by Max MP Q: What’s taking so long? When is Poweramp 3.0 coming? Any ETAs? A: Poweramp 3.0 has been pushed back many times for many reasons. The reasons, more recently, is due to the fact that we found some features that we would not be happy releasing Poweramp 3.0 without. I am working very hard to give you this update, so please be patient. We are not taking a long time because we like to make you wait, but rather because we want to release something great, something that you will be very excited about using for the first time and continuously using it for the years to come. Sorry, no ETAs but just know that if you buy Poweramp now, you will get the update for free. And: http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/1794-Poweramp-todo-listfeatures-in-progress/page-8 Posted 14 October 2013 - 09:02 AM A little updated on current Poweramp development state of things. Currently I'm finishing with the new audio engine development. Key features: - 32bit floating point audio pipeline from decoding to output - 64bit floating point high resolution DSP - multichannel processing - internal high quality resampling, configurable output dithering - improved buffering and reduced latency - completely open API for pluging-in: decoders, DSPs, visual FXs, resamplers, outputs. Any 3rd party will be able to add new audio stuff into Poweramp via separate APKs (similar to how skins are done now) The best thing is that battery performance of the new audio engine despite much higher accuracy is the same or better than Powermap v2. The new audio engine was built with the high accuracy approach, there is no intermediate format conversions, this is basically a studio grade audio processing. There will be intermediate alpha release with the new audio engine and old UI. The new audio engine (and the following new releases of Poweramp) will allow quite easy additions to Poweramp without touching the core app by just releasing plugins. Also plugins for playlists (all those 3rd party cloud services and radios, or local networking), better skinning, improved tablet UI is coming with the UI update phase. Thanks! Look at the dates on those posts. Since the first post there has been five minor updates to Poweramp. That would make five updates in two years, and still no streaming or visualizations, two features you have been telling people will be in Poweramp now for at least four years. It's been a year since the second post and still nothing. I emailed you when I first bought Poweramp in 2010 asking about these features and you said they would be added. I no longer use your app, and have not for many years as Google decided SD cards should be removed from Android and most devices sold today do not have that option nor do they have enough space to loaed up several gigs of MP3's. I laugh every time you add a new lossless format as its useless due to the amount of space those files take up. Are you still working on 3.0 or have you decided to lie to your customers and run with our money? The only reason I bought the app all those years ago is because you said in an email streaming would be added. It's been over four years now, I don't think you can tell someone a feature will be added and expect them to wait over four years without calling you on you a liar. No one can reasonably say that when you tell someone the option is coming, they should expect it not to be added in four years. At this point I am calling you a liar about 3.0, I am calling it vaporware, and anyone reading this should not trust a word this dev says. I would NOT buy Poweramp based on the lies alone. There has been NO update on the status of 3.0 in over two years. Your updates have been total crap and rarely add anything useful to 90% of the people who use this app. There is NO WAY your five updates have taken two years to make and its apparent nothing is being done to work on this app anymore. Do not buy Poweramp if you expect streaming or any further support. So far there has been nothing but lies, misinformation, noinformation, excuses, redirects, ignoring people on the forums, and promises not kept. There is no reason 3.0 should have taken this many years and its apparent you are not doing anything to get it released. I have stated on the forums several times streaming could have been added with a single line of code, which has been pointed out on XDA as well, but it seems you are too lazy to add a single line of code or do not wish streaming to be added at all. I wish you would have just told the public the truth years ago and I would have bought Neutron Player instead. See you next year to remind you you are a liar, like I have done for the past few years. You can delete my posts all you want, it doesn't change the fact you have lied to people and lead them on thinking the 3.0 release would be right around the corner now for years. Are you sure you didn't make Launcher Pro? That dev also pretended a new release would come and did so for about four years before they went dark leaving people with a broken app that doesn't work with any new version of Android. You are doing the same thing by pretending 3.0 is real, when the reality is that taking four years is a joke and its apparent you have not been trying hard enough to finish the update. With the millions of paid downloads and an app price of $5, my guess is you are sitting back a multi millionaire spending our money and being lazy. There is NO other reasonable explanation. Don't tell people something is being added when you don't plan on doing it at all. I have bought this app under false pretenses like many others, due to your lies. You know its a lie too, or you would have updated the blog with something over the past two years.
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