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  1. How stupid is that. The WHOLE reason I decided to down go the Android route rather than iPhone was the proper tactile buttons, physical keyboard options, etc. I ideally want to keep Home, Back and Menu (not bothered about Search) away from the capacitive screen completely if possible, as I keep hitting the bottom on the screen rather than the buttons. Such functions certainly don't belong near the top of the screen cluttered up around information icons. Andre
  2. How can you do anything on an Android device without access to the Menu function?! Andre
  3. Set 'Repeat' mode to "Advance List". Yeah, I know, obvious it is not. Andre
  4. Press Home. Or if you want to stop it playing first, press Stop then Home. Andre
  5. Thanks, installed fine on my Galaxy Tab 10.1. Andre
  6. I can confirm the same - build 473 will not install on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 either, it just comes up with a "Not Installed" message (it's fine on my HTC Desire-Z phone). Rolled back to 467. Andre
  7. Agreed. Some sort of solution to this issue which so many users have been asking for (whether it is for podcasts or audiobooks) would be very welcome. Just a simple way to flag specific folders to say they contain long tracks which need to have a 'resume memory' would be perfect. Please Max? It'd make a lot of people very happy. Andre
  8. I use Samba for general file copying over Wi-Fi (not USB) and I mostly just copy files over to my phone's folder whenever I feel I want to update them. I do use AllWay Sync for syncing my podcasts though, which I run daily (it syncs both ways, so deletions on the droid, after I've listened to a podcast, are also deleted from the PC). I don't have any other music players on my droid (apart from the one that came with it) so there needs to be a 'None' category in the final question, as it insists that you select something. Andre
  9. There could be a simple .dotfile, which if found in a folder would indicate that the folder contains audiobooks, podcasts, etc. The files within that folder would then allow saved playback positions - possibly via simple filename/position entries in that same .dotfile, or another .dotfile matching each filename? - and they could also be excluded from any random-order playback modes, which was another request for audiobook/podcast files. Andre
  10. Are they all stored under the same root folder, or are some elsewhere? PowerAmp can be told to scan certain folders only. Andre
  11. Agreed, social networking need to stay in its own space thanks very much, not clutter up a very nice app with more inane junk. Andre
  12. Agreed, swiping between different menu/libary screens would be great. Andre
  13. Is there a user manual at all? Andre
  14. You can't stream audio via bluetooth to another mobile phone. Are you maybe talking about copying your MP3 files to another phone? Andre
  15. Sounds good, could be a really simple addition to the "Repeat" menu. Andre
  16. Yes, Shuffle Lists is what you want - i.e. player picks a list at random (in your case I assume you have Album mode selected, so a list is the same as an album) and then it plays all the tracks from that list in the correct order (using whatever sort order you have defined for your albums - most likely track numbers). Andre
  17. Sorting by folders and files still works just fine. Choose 'Folders' mode, and then use Menu>ListOptions to set the sort order. There is a separate sort order used for files within folders by the way, so make sure you select an option for both to sort exactly how you want. Andre
  18. Any particular reason you are using WAV files in the first place? Very high bitrate MP3s would sound effectively the same on a device such as this, but they would be quite a bit smaller. Andre
  19. As I said, if you are using folders and filenames to catalogue your music (and especially if your ID3 tags are often wrong) why not just use Folders mode? That's what it's for, and I use it all the time that way, it works perfectly. You can even sort the top 'folders' level by folder name and the 'files' level using ID3 tags, such as Track Number, if you want. Andre
  20. I think it sounds like you need to be in Folder mode rather than Library to be honest. Andre
  21. Yeah, I'd like this too - I very much like overall look of the standard one, but I just need two tiny little tweeks - make the progress bar thicker (more like the old one) and swap the playback/etc buttons section to the bottom of the screen by moving the track info & propgress bar to just below the album art. How about it Max, a little Xmas present for us? Andre
  22. Yes, swipe left/right gives you previous/next song, and swipe up/down gives you previous/next album (or artist, or folder, depending on how you've got your music sorted). Andre
  23. There are some pretty strong comments on the second page of this 'hot' thread: http://forum.poweram...between-starts/ which indicate that the problem is still present. Last happened to me yesterday, for example. Briefly: when working in Folders mode, sometimes (often after restarting the program, or perhaps on bluetooth disconnect, or other random occasion) PowerAmp forgets its mode and reverts to 'All Songs' mode and starts playback of the very first song in the list. Andre
  24. Does this include a fix for the bug where PowerAMP forgets its current Folder/etc playback mode and reverts to All Songs starting again at song one? Andre
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