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  1. I'm not an expert on Windows Media Player, but that doesn't look like a file-based playlist to me, it's a dynamically searched list - i.e. when you use it in Windows Media Player, it would result in music on your PC from the last month. If so, then obviously that would not work as a playlist in Poweramp, which is looking for specifically named music files. Andre
  2. If your music is on internal phone memory then it won't be issues with external cards anyway. Check that you don't have any extra unnecessary folders (apart from the actual location of your music files) ticked in Settings > Folders and Library > Music Folders. If that doesn't help, try moving your newest files to another (unscanned) location and see if a Full Scan works OK then. If that works, try re-addding them a few at a time until you find the culprit. Andre
  3. Poweramp tries its best to second-guess changed directory structures, but if your sync software has created a completely different folder tree then you could be in trouble. Try making a subset of your desired playlist as 'M3U' format - just choose a couple of lines at first. The format actually needs to be nothing more than a simple filename.mp3, or path\filename.mp3, on each line of a text file. Any relative paths should start from the location where you want to keep your playlist file. Andre
  4. Could be, there have been known issues with some ROMs and memory cards too. Andre
  5. iPhone and Android cables are wired slightly differently. Normally only the play/pause button on an iPhone cable will work on an android device, so you're actually lucky it's working as well as it does. Andre
  6. Is there anything unusual about the files you have added? And I assume you have not changed your ROM or the memory card in the meantime? Andre
  7. Try re-installing Poweramp and see if that helps (export any playlists and your settings first, but you may lose downloaded/cached album art). Andre
  8. It's called A-B Repeat, and is already a fairly regularly requested feature here. Andre
  9. You could try reporting your specific issue to the dev at poweramp.maxmpz(at)gmail.com, referencing this thread for an idea of what has been tried so far. I have had the same issue occasionally myself (again with Bluetooth only, and only when the screen goes to sleep) but increasing the minimum CPU rate seems to have fixed it for me (as does keeping the screen on, which is not an issue for me as my phone is always plugged in when I'm driving any distance anyway, and I have it set not to go to sleep while charging). Andre
  10. Not sure, but that's not a regular audio recording format is it? I thought it was more of a multi-track instrument-synthesised playback system? Andre
  11. When you say "it will not stay" do you mean it works initially, but then goes away after a reboot, or what exactly happens when you try to put it on a homepage. Also try putting it on a completely empty homepage and see if that works. Andre
  12. As I said earlier in this thread, I passed this request on to the app developer on 9 Dec, but I don't know how high a priority it has against Poweramp v3 development. Andre
  13. 1) As you are using a custom kernel, try increasing the minimum (idle) CPU frequency setting and see if that helps. 3) Unfortunately, the fix for that issue at the moment is probably to turn DVC off. You could try adjusting the short audio focus change setting, but I don't think that will help. Andre
  14. This is a known issue. As workaround for the time being, you could rename the Album Title tag for one set of tracks (e.g. if it is called something like "Greatest Hits", include the artist names within the title such as "Madonna's Greatest Hits". Andre
  15. I use relative paths to go down deeper into the directory tree and that works fine, but I've never tested up/root notation within playlist paths (other than absolute paths). Andre
  16. I wonder if the truck stereo is sending a STOP command as it turns off (rather than a pause command)? The way to check would be to turn off your Bluetooth connection on the phone BEFORE you turn off the truck, and see what Poweramp does when the Bluetooth connection is lost. Andre
  17. Please contact poweramp.maxmpz(at)gmail.com with your full details and it should be possible to get the info sent back out to you (it relies on your email account being present on your new device for validation, so if you have changed email you need to let them know both addresses). Andre
  18. I get this sometimes too, but most times it does correctly remember the position OK (which is what it is meant to do). It can be a bit down to the individual Bluetooth device and the version of Android you are running though. Does the problem occur for you when you disconnect (e.g. if look at your phone once you've got out of the truck, is it still correctly paused part way through the track, or is it already back at zero by then?) or does it happen at the point when you reconnect again and playback is meant to resume? I do completely agree that Poweramp sorely needs better support for seeking through longer tracks though. With a 1 or 2 hour audio file it is completely impossible to quickly navigate back to a particular location, as the track navigation bar is far too coarse for the job - just try and get back to 4'30" within a 90 minute track without ending up at zero or ten minutes in! I suggested a while back that the "swipe over album art" gestures could easily be made user-configurable, so instead of changing track/album (for which there are already perfectly good buttons within the playback control area) they could be used for short and medium length seek operations. e.g. left/right swipe would skip forward/backward by 10 or 15 seconds, and up/down by 1 to 2 minutes - ideally with a few timing options, so you could set the skip distance to a level which works best for you (for example I use +/- 10 seconds and +/- 30 seconds seek values on my PC audio playback software). Andre
  19. You could use a file storage site if you want me to have a look at it, or email it to poweramp.maxmpz (at) gmail.com if you want to send it to the dev only. If one file is fairly small (unlikely with Floyd!) you could attach it here. Andre
  20. If you are using Folders mode, just name each track with the track-number at the start of the filename, and use Sort By Filename mode. Could you send a sample track so we can take a look at it and see what the problem might be? Andre
  21. I don't think this is very likely at the moment. Andre
  22. Poweramp uses its own audio processing engine which will most likely not work with other processors made for specific devices, but Max would be able to clarify this. Andre
  23. I made a suggestion for a more dynamic and flexible Folder/Library system a while back, which would tie in with some of your thoughts, but I have no idea whether Max felt it was a good idea or not. I proposed a more flexible library viewing system where all the viewing modes (Folder, Album, Artist, Genre, Year, etc) would be shown as tabs along the bottom of the Library screen (sideways scrollable if the screen size requires it) but the user would also be able to edit those modes and/or create their own new customised sort/display options if they wished. The supplied default modes would behave pretty much as per the current system, to avoid any learning curve for basic users, but the underlying flexibility would be amazingly powerful. If anyone else is interested in this discussion, please see http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/6883-some-thoughts-on-library-list-sorting-and-tags/ and perhaps comment on it? Whatever, I doubt these sort of changes will be implemented in the near future as most of Max's time is being taken up with the v3 audio engine work. That will initially be released for testing using the current UI, and once that is fully working and stable, an updated UI is apparently the next thing on the list. Andre
  24. No, that's not how Google works. He could buy the unlocker direct from this website though, as long as he uses your email address (i.e. the email address used on your phone, so the licence can be validated) then that should work. Andre
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