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Lyrics tag in vorbis comment

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Hi all,

I am currently putting lyrics for all songs into the tags of my music collection, but I wonder in which tag Poweramp expects the lyrics to show for the current song.

I am using mp3tag and tried putting the lyrics into the fields 'UNSYNCEDLYRICS' and 'LYRICS' - both did result in Poweramp saying it could not find any embedded lyrics.

So which field do I have to use to make Poweramp recognize the embedded lyrics?

All files I use are in Ogg Vorbis format, so the tagging technique is Vorbis Comment.


Thanks for any help!

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Not sure if this helps but...

There appear to be 2 lyrics tags for ogg vorbis. I have attached a link showing the different format fields side by side. I do not see the UNSYNCEDLYRICS tag though. However, it is possible to create your own custom tags with ogg vorbis.

The information was taken from:


Perhaps Andre can shed light on whether all/most ogg vorbis tags are implemented in Poweramp?


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Well with regular formats like MP3, it's the post-ID3 "Lyrics" tag area. No sync information is used.

However I'm not sure whether Vorbis/OGG lyric tags are supported at all. It would be worth testing with MP3 files first.


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