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Bluetooth Pause Button Not Working When Screen Times Out

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Phone: Blackview BV6000

Android: 6.0

Poweramp: 2.0.10 build 588

Bluetooth Headset: Plantronics M90


The pause / resume button does not work on my Bluetooth headset properly with Poweramp. They do work when I can see the Poweramp screen i.e. before the phone screen times out and goes black. After it goes black though, the pause button does nothing.

The pause button does work properly with a wired headset and does work with my Bluetooth headset on the stock music player that came with the phone, but not with Poweramp.

The setting has of course been selected to "Respond To Buttons", but only does so for a minute before the screen times out and goes black.

Note: The phone does use a lock screen, but there is no passcode needed when the bluetooth headset is connected.



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