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I am not sure for which reasons, but I no longer seem to be able to download album art of high resolution - it's just not there. I did tick the option to use high resolution album art (as well as 24-bit RGB) from the Settings, however the search for album art doesn't display images with the resolution higher that 500x500 pixels. I do not use the auto-download feature.

Samsung Galaxy SIII LTE ( I9305T)

Stock ROM (4.4.4)

Poweramp version 2.0.10-build-588-play

I am not sure it is a bug or a change in logic that I am unaware of. Would be great to know what happened.


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13 hours ago, TheoKlink said:

Why don't you use an mp3 tag editor where you can put your own albumart rather than relying on Poweramp to fetch albumart. Poweramp is dependent on the provider of that albumart so i guess has little influence on the quality.

That might take a lot more time, given that I would need to sit in front of a computer instead of having this feature on the phone wherever I go, but I guest your point is valid ( this solution would be permanent).

12 hours ago, andrewilley said:

Have you tried with multiple songs? I find the the auto feature sometimes simply doesn't see any large files, even though it looks for them.


Yes, I tried it with the songs that the search had previously found high-res album art for. It used to find, for example, square 1000x1000 images with a high rate of success.

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