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Using the V10's internal DAC


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Hi everyone, 

testing the alpha build 702 on my brand new LG V10. This phone uses some high end internal audio components, and it's great to see some support of third party music players. 

So I tried using the new high res implementation of the latest alpha, and it apparently uses the snapdragons component instead of the 32-bit SABRE 9018 DAC and SABRE 9062 Amplifier, which are one of the V10's selling points. 

I'm no expert at this, and I haven't used the alpha builds a lot, so I'm really curious if someone knows more about this. 



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The actual internal DAC model used is something that is not possible to detect and display (yet). The "Snapdragon 24-bit PCM" labelling used in Poweramp means the general internal API approach to Hi-Res audio.

Of course, if advanced hardware is installed on the device, it's used when audio is played. 

For V10 it's Hi-Res (when Hi-Res output is enabled in Poweramp. The notification area DAC switch doesn't affect Poweramp) - confirmed also with audio capturing from Wired Headset 3.5" output.

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