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  1. @maxmpeven resetting following your tips to disable the DVC (I even disabled the EQ) the output is still limited to 16bits/48khz Using the "original" DAC (24bits/192khz) or the original Samsung (32bits/384khz) both are limited to 16bits/48khz and don't go beyond that by disabling or not DVC, EQ or changing other options. P.S. Sorry for my poor English, I'm Brazilian and I use Google Translate a lot to translate my Portuguese into English.
  2. @maxmp how do I solve the reduced functioning of the DACs that used to get 24/192 or 32/384 and now don't go beyond 24/48 after the last 2 updates?
  3. Builds 941-943 Device: Núbia Red Magic 6r and Xiaomi Mi9 (Android 11 and Android 10) Problems connecting the USB C DAC, the original Nubia DAC stopped recognizing 24/192 supported on both devices after update (as shown below) Hi-Res and AAudio are the same. Samsung's original USB C DAC is muted when activating Experimental Hi-Res on Xiaomi Mi9 and on both devices (RedMagic 6r and Mi9) the DAC does not recognize 32/384khz nor 24/192khz it stays on 24/48 and 16/48 which gives a low volume effect and low sharpness (I had other devices including Pixel 3XL, Mi9T Pro, Xiaomi MiA3 and they were also giving a bug when recognizing the 32/384 or 24/192 of the DAC of the Samsung after an app update) Is there any way to solve these problems of recognizing the maximum capacity of the USB C DAC?
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