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Export Rating & Store Rating In Tags


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Poweramp is the overall best player in the store, and it has been for at leasst 3.5 years (since I started using it). The only thing missing is the export of the rating in ANY way.


In terms of automated rating synconisation to a PC the best option would be writing the rating into the tags. I'm using mediamonkey so I'd favor a option to write the rating into the corrosponding field, but any other standard (eg. winamp) would be fine as well.


This is one of the most popular requests and it has been around for years, it was even on a todo list FOUR years ago:



Some request threads:





You have included a advanced (and well working) tag editor, can't you simply use the same to access the field for the rating? If it's not, please enlighten me why.

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Sdw, i have posted on this too previously. My app New Playlist Manager has code to export pa rating and other tags as a text file. All i need is for the developer of pa to respond whether importing back into pa is possible. I have been led to believe that the pa api does not provide for updating tags. So far i have had no response.


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