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Is Poweramp made by Valve?


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Not everyone will get that reference, but basically I'm wondering if Poweramp 3.0's fate is the same as Valve's Half life 3 = tons of rumors, promises, but no ETA, and chances being it will never be released.


The most recent news was that Poweramp 3.0 would be released "Sometime during the first quarter of 2015" We're in the 3rd quarter, and still nothing.


The absolute worst any person can do to is string someone along on something uncertain. The least Max/devs can do is say there will never be a 3.0. Or even say that it will take 5 years. Being reluctant to give any answers or ETA means there's no motivation or drive to get anything completed by anytime.


I'm not demanding the devs owe users 3.0. They have already done a lot for all Poweramp users and we've got our money's worth, but what we don't deserve is being given a false sense of hope.

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