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  1. Neutron Hands Down. 64 bit audio Streaming Online Music Poweramp has lied for 6 years telling us they would add streaming music support. They have lied for years regarding a major update that has never come. They told us back in 2010 they would add streaming, visualizations, etc and they would be FREE. Edit: Look at the forum history, they continued to lie year after year saying "it's coming" for streaming and stopped responding to questions about visualizations. Every year I stop back and remind them they lied,and ripped people off. Support for ape files... Great, who give a F*CK! The 4
  2. Before I start I would like to point out the following: 3 Years of Poweramp Posted on September 7, 2012 by Max MP Q: What’s taking so long? When is Poweramp 3.0 coming? Any ETAs? A: Poweramp 3.0 has been pushed back many times for many reasons. The reasons, more recently, is due to the fact that we found some features that we would not be happy releasing Poweramp 3.0 without. I am working very hard to give you this update, so please be patient. We are not taking a long time because we like to make you wait, but rather because we want to release something great, something that you will be very
  3. A year? It's been far longer then a year. They have said 3.0 has been coming for several years and streaming would be a part of that build. It's BS. Haven't you figured out yet that this app is now the same as Launcher Pro? They made millions and now just say "coming soon" for any real feature changes but never deliver. It's been almost two years for Google music and several years for streaming. Do a forum search. They can't even lie about it anymore, there are so many two plus year old posts with "coming soon" in version 3. 3.0 is Vaporware at this point. Just search the forum and honestly I
  4. First off, Neuron has been around for YEARS and if you bothered to look you would see this instead of being ignorant. Second, it has better sound options like 64bit audio processing, something Poweramp does not include. It furthermore can play streaming music from online sources, something that those of us who have supported Poweramp from its release have been asking for now MANY years. To be completely honest some of us are getting tired of the s*it going on with Poweramp adding stupid useless features like some obscure format only two or three people in the world are using with their music c
  5. The two following feature requests have been on the board for quite some time now; if I can remember correctly, probably since beta. Whats their current state and when can we expect them to be incorporated? "Listen To" support using Google Voice Search. I talked to Google directly on this one and they say it needs to be implemented by you, not them. There is a small line of code that needs to be added to each app that wants "Listen to" support. Apparently, its not that difficult to add according to Google. If added, users can hit the voice search button on their device and say "Listen to.
  6. I have now seen two posts asking for social networking and am seriously concerned this amazing app is going to turn into some social networking crap. I do not see any reason someone has a need to spam the internet with what music they are playing on their cell phone. By adding social networking to this music app it runs the risk of using excessive battery life due to network use and the added permissions needed lead to security risks. There are many other feature suggestions here that have far more importance then stupid social networking. IMO the dev should be focusing time on those featu
  7. Then use the other app and keep social networking crap out of the rest of our faces. No one cares what you are listening to on your phone. I don't need my phones battery getting chewed up due to network use from this app. I don't need the security risk from permissions this app will need to incorporate social network use. I made a post in the other thread when someone else asked for this so I will not repeat myself again here but the long and short is, who freekin cares what you ate listening to on your phone? There are far more important features that are needed and should take priority.
  8. @ Exodus615 I take it this is you? http://twitter.com/Exodus615 That explains a lot. Not a shock or anything but it will make the rest of this post more valid. Please explain to me why the hell you would need facebook integration? First off how old are you, 12? News flash: Your fake friends on facebook don't give a crap you are rocking out to the backdoor boys in the back of your parents minivan. Seriously. I know it hurts to hear, but they don't care. We don't either. The whole rest of the planet could care less what you are listening to on your phone. How does that feature help a
  9. I am not talking about a button that is built into the app itself, but using the voice search on your phone (that is used for nav, internet searches, voice dial, etc) by saying "Listen to..." and then speaking the Album, Title, etc. There is some piece of code needed in the player app for Googles voice search to recognize. I am sure somewhere on the android dev forums is how to add this feature. As of now there are only 5 different players (Pand, Slkr, mSpot, Rdio, and one other) that work with Google's voice search; in fact even the default music player written by google will not come up as
  10. First, your app is amazing. Android needed a good music app, and this one seems to be better then the rest I have tried. Music being played out of the phones speaker now sounds much better. The widgets look great (simple & clean, thank you!) and provide just the right options. Suggestions are as follows: A playlist button on the widgets. The two extra folder buttons on the widget are no longer there when I switched from playing tracks in folders to playlists. I would love to see those two buttons on the widget which are there in folder view also there in playlist view, but used cycle
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