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  1. Neutron Hands Down. 64 bit audio Streaming Online Music Poweramp has lied for 6 years telling us they would add streaming music support. They have lied for years regarding a major update that has never come. They told us back in 2010 they would add streaming, visualizations, etc and they would be FREE. Edit: Look at the forum history, they continued to lie year after year saying "it's coming" for streaming and stopped responding to questions about visualizations. Every year I stop back and remind them they lied,and ripped people off. Support for ape files... Great, who give a F*CK! The 4 people in the world who use ape format? It's fantastic how much they focus on lossless formats, because 250mb + files on a smart phone or tablet with limited storage is what we all need. F*CKING retards. Now we hear rumors of 3rd party plug-ins for streaming, etc. Do you think they will be free? Do you think they will ever come at all? Six years of lies. I have used this app a small handful of times in the six years I have owned it because before I bought the app I emailed the dev, asked about streaming music, and was lied to being told it was coming "soon". Let's face it, this dev is a liar, con, and shit at their job. How long does it take to code a new version? Apparently more than 6 years. Get neutron. The interface isn't as good but the features are much better; at least that dev isn't a lying scumbag. If you have been around android for long enough you know the app Launcher Pro. That dev lied for 5 years about an update and then just fell off the earth; no update came. They too, like Poweramp made MILLIONS of dollars and decided to run. Rumors have it they are now making/selling one of the two big launchers on the Google market under a different name, which is where the Launcher Pro "update" that never came went. Greed. Pure greed. I have no problem with devs making money or even selling new versions, however LYING to people pre-sale and draging them on for SIX YEARS is total bullshit.
  2. Before I start I would like to point out the following: 3 Years of Poweramp Posted on September 7, 2012 by Max MP Q: What’s taking so long? When is Poweramp 3.0 coming? Any ETAs? A: Poweramp 3.0 has been pushed back many times for many reasons. The reasons, more recently, is due to the fact that we found some features that we would not be happy releasing Poweramp 3.0 without. I am working very hard to give you this update, so please be patient. We are not taking a long time because we like to make you wait, but rather because we want to release something great, something that you will be very excited about using for the first time and continuously using it for the years to come. Sorry, no ETAs but just know that if you buy Poweramp now, you will get the update for free. And: http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/1794-Poweramp-todo-listfeatures-in-progress/page-8 Posted 14 October 2013 - 09:02 AM A little updated on current Poweramp development state of things. Currently I'm finishing with the new audio engine development. Key features: - 32bit floating point audio pipeline from decoding to output - 64bit floating point high resolution DSP - multichannel processing - internal high quality resampling, configurable output dithering - improved buffering and reduced latency - completely open API for pluging-in: decoders, DSPs, visual FXs, resamplers, outputs. Any 3rd party will be able to add new audio stuff into Poweramp via separate APKs (similar to how skins are done now) The best thing is that battery performance of the new audio engine despite much higher accuracy is the same or better than Powermap v2. The new audio engine was built with the high accuracy approach, there is no intermediate format conversions, this is basically a studio grade audio processing. There will be intermediate alpha release with the new audio engine and old UI. The new audio engine (and the following new releases of Poweramp) will allow quite easy additions to Poweramp without touching the core app by just releasing plugins. Also plugins for playlists (all those 3rd party cloud services and radios, or local networking), better skinning, improved tablet UI is coming with the UI update phase. Thanks! Look at the dates on those posts. Since the first post there has been five minor updates to Poweramp. That would make five updates in two years, and still no streaming or visualizations, two features you have been telling people will be in Poweramp now for at least four years. It's been a year since the second post and still nothing. I emailed you when I first bought Poweramp in 2010 asking about these features and you said they would be added. I no longer use your app, and have not for many years as Google decided SD cards should be removed from Android and most devices sold today do not have that option nor do they have enough space to loaed up several gigs of MP3's. I laugh every time you add a new lossless format as its useless due to the amount of space those files take up. Are you still working on 3.0 or have you decided to lie to your customers and run with our money? The only reason I bought the app all those years ago is because you said in an email streaming would be added. It's been over four years now, I don't think you can tell someone a feature will be added and expect them to wait over four years without calling you on you a liar. No one can reasonably say that when you tell someone the option is coming, they should expect it not to be added in four years. At this point I am calling you a liar about 3.0, I am calling it vaporware, and anyone reading this should not trust a word this dev says. I would NOT buy Poweramp based on the lies alone. There has been NO update on the status of 3.0 in over two years. Your updates have been total crap and rarely add anything useful to 90% of the people who use this app. There is NO WAY your five updates have taken two years to make and its apparent nothing is being done to work on this app anymore. Do not buy Poweramp if you expect streaming or any further support. So far there has been nothing but lies, misinformation, noinformation, excuses, redirects, ignoring people on the forums, and promises not kept. There is no reason 3.0 should have taken this many years and its apparent you are not doing anything to get it released. I have stated on the forums several times streaming could have been added with a single line of code, which has been pointed out on XDA as well, but it seems you are too lazy to add a single line of code or do not wish streaming to be added at all. I wish you would have just told the public the truth years ago and I would have bought Neutron Player instead. See you next year to remind you you are a liar, like I have done for the past few years. You can delete my posts all you want, it doesn't change the fact you have lied to people and lead them on thinking the 3.0 release would be right around the corner now for years. Are you sure you didn't make Launcher Pro? That dev also pretended a new release would come and did so for about four years before they went dark leaving people with a broken app that doesn't work with any new version of Android. You are doing the same thing by pretending 3.0 is real, when the reality is that taking four years is a joke and its apparent you have not been trying hard enough to finish the update. With the millions of paid downloads and an app price of $5, my guess is you are sitting back a multi millionaire spending our money and being lazy. There is NO other reasonable explanation. Don't tell people something is being added when you don't plan on doing it at all. I have bought this app under false pretenses like many others, due to your lies. You know its a lie too, or you would have updated the blog with something over the past two years.
  3. A year? It's been far longer then a year. They have said 3.0 has been coming for several years and streaming would be a part of that build. It's BS. Haven't you figured out yet that this app is now the same as Launcher Pro? They made millions and now just say "coming soon" for any real feature changes but never deliver. It's been almost two years for Google music and several years for streaming. Do a forum search. They can't even lie about it anymore, there are so many two plus year old posts with "coming soon" in version 3. 3.0 is Vaporware at this point. Just search the forum and honestly I would love to see a dev try and respond to that search with all its old posts of "coming soon".
  4. First off, Neuron has been around for YEARS and if you bothered to look you would see this instead of being ignorant. Second, it has better sound options like 64bit audio processing, something Poweramp does not include. It furthermore can play streaming music from online sources, something that those of us who have supported Poweramp from its release have been asking for now MANY years. To be completely honest some of us are getting tired of the s*it going on with Poweramp adding stupid useless features like some obscure format only two or three people in the world are using with their music collections. Honestly wtf would anyone be listening to some observe lossless format that takes 100x the hard disk space on a freekin phone or tablet? It's so damn aggravating to see the Poweramp change log include s*it no one cares about with important features that have been requested for many years by many people taking a back seat to useless s*it. The problem with Neuron is its interface looks like it was designed by a schizophrenic mentally handicap 4 year old. Don't let the photos on the Market fool you, download the trial and see how awful it really looks. If Neuron actually got their act together and redesigned the interface it would put Poweramp out of business. Unfortunately in its current state Neuron is ugly with a settings menu that will drive you crazy. As I said before 64bit audio sounds amazing; it's easy to hear the difference with Neuron sounding much better then Poweramp. That and as I said it can play just about any streaming audio (Drop Box, Google Drive, or Internet radio links like shoutcast) making it vastly more useful over Poweramp especially as phone manufacturers remove SD slots and force the cloud. The irony is Poweramp could at the very least add the ability to stream from an online source with ONE GOD DAMN line of code. Several other devs have pointed this out on XDA but again have been ignored. The device for Poweramp seems to be anti-everything online streaming. I get it with video and already have an amazing video player app so could care less about video support feeling it's just a waste of time in an audio player, but by ignoring the thousands of requests to play from online sources now for YEARS Poweramp is starting to pass off a lot of us who have always recommended the app as the best music player available for Android. How is the 2 year in the making 3.0 version going? Probably nowhere because the dev is too busy spending the millions he has made on the app adding support for some stupid format that no one actually uses in a once a year update. Anyone remember the BS we kept hearing from the Launcher Pro dev? The constant "the big update is coming!" for years until people finally figured out it was a scam and no update was coming. I am starting to feel that way with Poweramp. Where the hell are visualizations? Years ago it was one of the highest requested features other than streaming online playing. Still don't have both. I am not going to even bother requesting 64bit processing as that would just be another 20 years in the making and never actually make it into the app. Look at the change log, it's like watching paint dry. I am sure 3.0 if it ever actually gets released will not only somehow forget to add streaming support, but will come as a paid update again despite what the dev has said in the past. If that's the case I will definitely make the switch to the better sounding, more featured, but awful train wreck of an interface Neuron Player. Not holding my breath with Poweramp anymore.
  5. The two following feature requests have been on the board for quite some time now; if I can remember correctly, probably since beta. Whats their current state and when can we expect them to be incorporated? "Listen To" support using Google Voice Search. I talked to Google directly on this one and they say it needs to be implemented by you, not them. There is a small line of code that needs to be added to each app that wants "Listen to" support. Apparently, its not that difficult to add according to Google. If added, users can hit the voice search button on their device and say "Listen to... [Artist, Song, Playlist, etc]" and it will launch a window with suggestions, then open up in Poweramp. Again, a small bit of code written by Google is required to be added to whatever app [in this case Poweramp] before it can take advantage of this feature. Visualizations This one is going to be more then a line or two of code, bug again, its been on the list for a long time. I really don't want to see it half-a$$ed which is why I have not follow up on it when I asked months ago. It would be really nice to see this added, especially since a lot of phones can output to HDMI. At this point, I am kind of worried this feature request will turn out like the visualizations in iTunes, which are total crap. I remember using winamp 12 years ago in college and seeing some amazing visualizations plugins, that kind of quality would be nice. Hell, if you don't have the time to designed visualizations, can you make them plugin based and allow 3rd party people to make them? Thanks for the info.
  6. I have now seen two posts asking for social networking and am seriously concerned this amazing app is going to turn into some social networking crap. I do not see any reason someone has a need to spam the internet with what music they are playing on their cell phone. By adding social networking to this music app it runs the risk of using excessive battery life due to network use and the added permissions needed lead to security risks. There are many other feature suggestions here that have far more importance then stupid social networking. IMO the dev should be focusing time on those features and not one that only little brat children will use. My phone has enough social networking bloatware installed on it from Motorola, no need to add more. If you choose yes, I would love to hear what kind of logic you are using and reasoning for wanting social network integration. Do you actually think people care what song you are listening to? Are you that arrogant you need to push that info on the world? Do you really need to look "cool" to your friends online by showing you are playing a certain song? What actual use does broadcasting to the world what you are playing on your phone have?
  7. Then use the other app and keep social networking crap out of the rest of our faces. No one cares what you are listening to on your phone. I don't need my phones battery getting chewed up due to network use from this app. I don't need the security risk from permissions this app will need to incorporate social network use. I made a post in the other thread when someone else asked for this so I will not repeat myself again here but the long and short is, who freekin cares what you ate listening to on your phone? There are far more important features that are needed and should take priority.
  8. @ Exodus615 I take it this is you? http://twitter.com/Exodus615 That explains a lot. Not a shock or anything but it will make the rest of this post more valid. Please explain to me why the hell you would need facebook integration? First off how old are you, 12? News flash: Your fake friends on facebook don't give a crap you are rocking out to the backdoor boys in the back of your parents minivan. Seriously. I know it hurts to hear, but they don't care. We don't either. The whole rest of the planet could care less what you are listening to on your phone. How does that feature help anyone? Please explain to me one rational, logical reason you need to share what crap music you listen to with the rest of the world? The only reason anyone on the web needs to know what you are listening to is if you happen to be a DJ and streaming music using shoutcast or something similar from your phone to many listeners. We all know that's not the case as your phone does not have enough bandwidth over 3g/4g to do that and no self respecting DJ would do so from his cell phone. There is no reason you need that feature other then to stroke your own ego on facebook. If this app turns into some social networking crap I will not be buying it or recommending it on other forums. Social networking is the drudge of the internet. Its bad enough these little kids complained to cell phone companies they wanted social networking as part of the Android OS, now we all have to deal with lag on our phones due to this bloatware crap. The irony is they don't even use the social networking apps built into the device, they download the independent app from each site. So you bi.tch and moan you dont have facebook built into Android and then when you get it use the independent facebook app instead. Now you want to go ruin the only promising 3rd party music app with social networking crap. Again, NO ONE CARES what you are listening to on your phone. NO ONE. @Dev, please do not waste your time on social networking crap in your app. There are plenty of other feature requests that are far more important. If i start seeing extra app permissions needed like network use for social media, its getting uninstalled immediately. Unnecessary app permissions are a security risk and unneeded network use kills battery life. This is a music player app. Its a damn good one too, probably the best on the market. Please don't screw it up. I think people crashing their car trying to manually look through a playlist instead of using a voice command is a far more of a concern. In fact, there are plenty of much more valuable features people have posted on this forum that should be the focus of your effort before social networking crap. If you do feel the need to code something social network oriented, please consider making it a separate app. In the [non-ghetto] adult world, there is no reason for anyone to post what music they are playing on facebook or twitter. None. Thank the gods Web 3.0 is no longer focusing on social networking and going back to a traditional internet.
  9. I am not talking about a button that is built into the app itself, but using the voice search on your phone (that is used for nav, internet searches, voice dial, etc) by saying "Listen to..." and then speaking the Album, Title, etc. There is some piece of code needed in the player app for Googles voice search to recognize. I am sure somewhere on the android dev forums is how to add this feature. As of now there are only 5 different players (Pand, Slkr, mSpot, Rdio, and one other) that work with Google's voice search; in fact even the default music player written by google will not come up as an option (as of yet). On their home page Google lists the five software players the do work with this feature. Not only will adding this feature be amazing, but it will get your software on a very short list of android music players Google has listed on their site! IMO if you can bang out an update for your player quickly, you will benefit from the free advertising on Googles webpage, which I am sure you realize would be quite beneficial when your app goes paid.
  10. First, your app is amazing. Android needed a good music app, and this one seems to be better then the rest I have tried. Music being played out of the phones speaker now sounds much better. The widgets look great (simple & clean, thank you!) and provide just the right options. Suggestions are as follows: A playlist button on the widgets. The two extra folder buttons on the widget are no longer there when I switched from playing tracks in folders to playlists. I would love to see those two buttons on the widget which are there in folder view also there in playlist view, but used cycle back and forward through your different playlists. It would be nice to see a shuffle button too on the widget to shuffle the current folder/playlist. I would love an option to use visualizations instead of album artwork. Being able to full screen visualizations would be nice too. I often hook up my Droid X to HDTV's using the HDMI out (and Real HDMI App) then output music to the TV's speakers. Trippy flashing colors, patterns, tunnels, designs, etc through visualizations would look great. See: http://www.winamp.com/visualizations I would love to see several different options. This next one may require a bug fix from google. Android (STILL) can't display ID3v2 Genre tags correctly. We are stuck with the old ID3v1.1 Tagging which has premade genres and does not allow for custom tagging in the genre field. Ironically, ID3v2 came out back in the late 90's well before Android was even a conceptual design. The lock screen really needs a swipe to unlock instead of a single button before it can replace the default phone lock screen. The button is just to easy to accidentally press which prevents using the apps option to replace its lock screen w/o using the default one too. No need for redundancy if the button changes to a swipe type unlock (like the Android system one, iPhone, etc) The lock screen would be even better if you could select playlists. I would love an option to have the app automatically power down itself in event of low battery. This could be an option setting where the user can pick a certain phone battery level the app automatically shuts it self down. Gapless playback, crossfade songs, and a volume level check option (to playback all songs at the same volume, even if one mp3 is louder then the other one) would be great. Lastly an Exit button in the setting menu to shut the app down completely. I hat leaving apps running when not in use. Task killing it is a PITA. Thats all I can think of for now. Keep up the great work!
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