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864: Generally slow, laggy and unresponsive UI


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So I usually update my apps only once every 5-6 months and I can't remember which version I had had before updating to the latest stable 864. Since the update I have noticed that my UI elements are oftentimes out of place and are clashing with one another as shown in the screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/9JFKXlg

Also, often when I tap/touch on a certain button or folder or song or anything really it does nothing and doesn't respond at all for like 10 seconds and then it will all of a sudden do everything I had pressed before, for example if I were trying to play/pause a song, it wouldn't listen to me and after a couple of seconds it plays/pauses the song maniacally 10 times.. 

I have always hated updating from a really stable version of any app or programme ever because of bugs, which is why I update so rarely.

P.S. I'm on Xiaomi MI A2 Lite


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8 hours ago, maxmp said:

864 is not stable but beta. 860 is the last stable.  It has no known issues like you described, but 863 has.

Oh okay, I didn't really know that since I just let play store update all my apps at once. I thought that only stable updates are automatically downloaded. I'll revert back to 860 then, thanks for your reply.

EDIT: 860 is even worse. The widgets are completely broken. No matter how I set one up in the settings, when I go back to my home screen they look completely different and some buttons are missing. Going to revert back even more.

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