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  1. Oh okay, I didn't really know that since I just let play store update all my apps at once. I thought that only stable updates are automatically downloaded. I'll revert back to 860 then, thanks for your reply. EDIT: 860 is even worse. The widgets are completely broken. No matter how I set one up in the settings, when I go back to my home screen they look completely different and some buttons are missing. Going to revert back even more.
  2. So I usually update my apps only once every 5-6 months and I can't remember which version I had had before updating to the latest stable 864. Since the update I have noticed that my UI elements are oftentimes out of place and are clashing with one another as shown in the screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/9JFKXlg Also, often when I tap/touch on a certain button or folder or song or anything really it does nothing and doesn't respond at all for like 10 seconds and then it will all of a sudden do everything I had pressed before, for example if I were trying to play/pause a song, it wouldn't listen to me and after a couple of seconds it plays/pauses the song maniacally 10 times.. I have always hated updating from a really stable version of any app or programme ever because of bugs, which is why I update so rarely. P.S. I'm on Xiaomi MI A2 Lite
  3. Mostly they all are, but not all of them. No I haven't. But anyway, this is not such a big deal for me, the EQU and TONE turning off is way worse.
  4. So, nothing? Oh, and by the way, the gapless never works, and never has, at least for me. I don't know why (not one version has worked with any of my phones or songs, and I had Xperia M, Axon 7 Mini, and now A2 Lite), so I've always had to use crossfade.
  5. Please refer to this video https://streamable.com/gg4ju - everything that I did/do is shown. And yes, of course, as you will be able to see in the video, I had them activated every time, and also at the time of making the preset.
  6. No it is not. I tried reinstalling, clearing data, making new & different presets - same results. But only for loudspeaker - headphones and BT speaker don't have the same problem.
  7. The EQ preset that I tied to phone loudspeaker turns EQU and TONE off by itself, the LIMIT stays on. I don't know what causes it and when exactly does it happen, but it pisses me off because I have to turn these on manually every time I want to play music on the loudspeaker. This didn't happen before 820 I believe. I am using dark default skin for Poweramp, on my Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite.
  8. Novak


    I'm experiencing a weird bug, I don't if it appeared before 810 because I didn't much tamper with the EQ presets, but now I tried to edit some of my old ones and I just can't, "add" button is greyed out. Plus, I can't type anything in the field for the name of the preset.
  9. So before I started using PA, I used built-in Walkman (Sony Xperia M). It's Eq was and still is default for files that are played anywhere outside Poweramp (YouTube for example). Now I would like to set Poweramp's eq as default one. Basically I want all files that are played on my phone (including internet, YouTube, Deezer etc.) to use PA's Eq. How do I do that?
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