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Advanced EQ feature


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It is necessary to have individual eq setting and volume level for each song since every song have different characteristic, the system should automatically apply the linked eq setting and volume level when playback.

This feature can bring users best experiences of Poweramp

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The EQ for each song should ideally be set by the studio engineer mixing the song. The EQ controls on a playback device are more to adjust for the characteristics of the output device and speakers, not so much the source material. You can use the Replay Gain feature to match levels between different MP3 sources though (the files need to contain the encoded info to support this).


(I've removed the duplicate post for you)

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Dear Sir,


Thanks for your reply and help to remove the duplicate post.


I was told by the system that I have no permission to post new topic at the first time, so I post another, but later I found the first post also appear! Anyway, thanks for your help.


About the EQ, I wish to have an individual EQ setting for each song to obtain the best playback quality, I also wish the system can remember the linked EQ setting for each song and will automatically re-apply when playback.


My experience is, even the songs are come from the same album, the bass or treble may have big difference, so I wish to have this feature.



Thanks for your consideration.



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