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Multiple Equalizers (lets just say at least 2) concurrently

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So, I really like the parametric eqs.

But, there is one thing bugging me a bit. You can assign EQs to a device, or title.

You see the 'problem': If you use different devices with your personal equalizer settings and THEN ALSO want to use Title-specific settings, the Title settings override your settings for the device you are using.

Now, the solution should be rather easy:

  • Add a global EQ (the way it is now) in which you can apply settings to everything.
  • Then, add a button for the device you are using and the current title.
  • Don't make it too hard to program:

If the global EQ is parametric, the device and title EQs should be as well. If its regular banded, the same applies. So you can set one parametric and one banded for each device/title seperately which will be applied based on the global EQ mode.

Programming-wise, just add the parametric bands into the equalizer and you should be good; in banded mode, the bands need to be either all the same size (meaning if you use simple adding and subtracting for each band/slider to get the final eq) or if you are feeling fancy, use some curve math and the bands amount will be more or less arbitrary.)

I recommend, as a first and easy-to-implement measure, just start with parametric-only support and maybe include locked-amount-of-eq-bands support after.

This should not require any rework of any EQ-frameworks you use, as its basically just a bunch of additions/subtractions from the final EQ the program actually uses.


Thank you sincerely for your consideration.

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Stacking EQ's is never a good idea. Especially on a mobile device that is likely already challenged for dynamic range and headphone amplification. IMO

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While running separate equalization processes one after another is generally a bad idea, I can see the logic of allowing an additive structure for EQ bands within one processing pass.

So for example if you know your headphones are bass-light you might create a Preset that boosts some of the lower frequencies, which you want applied to everything sent to that headset. But separately you have a particular album which has been mastered with the instrumentation overpowering the vocals, so you might create a specific Preset to boost the midrange frequencies. Currently, that album-level midrange boost would remove all the bass-boost needed for the particular headset in use.

I can definitely see the desirability of multiple layers of equalization being merged (frequency bands added/subtracted) to create an overall pattern to be applied in one go. Of course you'd need to be wary of bass-bosting by 15dB three times over as the results would be awful, but that could be caught by the Limiter.


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