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  1. Hey, So i have an idea. Why not switch to badge based info tags on songs? You know, like a badge for every artist contributing to the song. I currently have an album of instrumwntals that has different people in the artist tag for every song, and the app detects every song as a separate album from the artist (a string, containing all the artists, but displaying as just one). I think it would be a nice quality of life improvement to the app. Thanks for reading my suggestion and the work you put in
  2. @blaubär Strangely enough, enabling OpenSL ES Output for wired headphones fixed the volume issue! The option won't turn off for comparison though, every time i try to turn it off it turns right back on. hmmm...
  3. Hey, @maxmp thanks for the clarification. Regarding the sound quality and volume issue, do you have any suggestions as to what might be causing it? If it's a problem with android 9 itself, will it be possible for the issue to be fixed with a future update? Thank you for taking the time to answer my problem Cheers! P.S. I downloaded the older build you provided, and while the volume issue is still present the sound quality is noticeably better.
  4. Hey, soo yeah as the title suggests, i have problems with my s8 and Poweramp after i upgraded to 9.0. The volume is considerably lower, the lower end is weaker, and Poweramp is considered as a cast device (i think, will include photos). When i turn the volume, instead of the "Media" volume bar popping up, a separate bar with a cast icon appears, and has no warning past the 9 level, suggesting it's recognised as a speaker or something? I'm not sure, i'm not entirely sure i understand it. When i disable DVC, the volume corrects but the sound is distorted and the lows bleed into the mids. Same ha
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