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  1. Not when it's being used in Home or Car Audio set ups.
  2. Are there any? I can't find them in the App. I see right to left, but not front to back. Can this be added?
  3. Well it's confirmed... I un-installed the unLocker... last week. Everything has been playing like it should. My two week trail was up. So I was forced to install the unlocker again and sure enough. It won't let me pick the USB's for my music folders again.. WTF fix this.. I paid for the full version and I can't use it.
  4. Well I tested my theory twice and both times it screwed it up... It will either lose the USB files and I have to go in manually every time to find the music... But then it won't let me check the box for it... Then I delete the unlocker and it works fine.
  5. x2 This needs to be an added feature for sure.
  6. Do you have the unlocker installed? If so try un-installing it and then check for the USB...
  7. OK seem to found the problem, but no real fix. I paid for the unlocker, but I noticed the problem showed up after I installed the unlocker. So I uninstalled everything. Restarted the Radio and installed the FREE app. Ran it for a couple of days. Worked fine. Installed the unlocker and first time I shut it off. It lost the USB then it wouldn't let me Check the USB folders. Tried running it for a day. Un-installed the unlocker and it went back to working just fine. So I believe the problem is with the paid unlocker app.
  8. Ok I'll try and delay Poweramp from starting up and give the Radio time to mount the USB again. I think it's like a 15sec delay. Thanks, I'll go try that now.
  9. Every time I turn my devise off. I loose the connection with my Music Folders. I have to Manual go to setting and check the folders and reload the music.
  10. I have this installed on a Car Radio. I like PA a lot, but every time I turn my car off. I have to go back to settings and find the USB and load them again.... Also I noticed on one song.. I was able to save an EQ setting just for that song... But on others I can't.. Can someone help me at least get the USB to Stay connected? This is my Radio.. Best Android Radio on the Market...IMO https://avinusa.com/avin-universal-avant2-full-android-gps-navigation-system.html
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