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Found 14 results

  1. Please, add support for AutoEq project, by import GraphicEQ settings. With parametric Eq it's possible to approximate the results but it have to be done manualy. An import option like in the app Wavelet would be great. And, having the option to adjust Bass and treble too(like in parametric eq). This is an example for KZ ZSN Pro X earphones: GraphicEQ: 20 -5.9; 21 -6.0; 22 -6.1; 23 -6.2; 24 -6.3; 26 -6.4; 27 -6.4; 29 -6.5; 30 -6.6; 32 -6.7; 34 -6.8; 36 -6.8; 38 -6.9; 40 -7.0; 43 -7.1; 45 -7.2; 48 -7.4; 50 -7.5; 53 -7.6; 56 -7.8; 59 -7.9; 63 -8.0; 66 -8.2; 70 -8.4; 74 -8.4; 78 -8.5; 83 -8.6; 87 -8.6; 92 -8.6; 97 -8.7; 103 -8.7; 109 -8.8; 115 -8.8; 121 -8.8; 128 -8.8; 136 -8.8; 143 -8.7; 151 -8.7; 160 -8.6; 169 -8.5; 178 -8.4; 188 -8.4; 199 -8.3; 210 -8.2; 222 -8.0; 235 -7.9; 248 -7.7; 262 -7.4; 277 -7.2; 292 -6.9; 309 -6.6; 326 -6.3; 345 -6.0; 364 -5.7; 385 -5.3; 406 -5.0; 429 -4.7; 453 -4.5; 479 -4.1; 506 -3.8; 534 -3.6; 565 -3.3; 596 -3.0; 630 -2.7; 665 -2.5; 703 -2.2; 743 -2.0; 784 -1.7; 829 -1.6; 875 -1.5; 924 -1.5; 977 -1.7; 1032 -1.9; 1090 -2.4; 1151 -2.9; 1216 -3.5; 1284 -4.0; 1357 -4.3; 1433 -4.5; 1514 -4.7; 1599 -4.8; 1689 -5.1; 1784 -5.2; 1885 -5.4; 1991 -5.7; 2103 -6.1; 2221 -6.3; 2347 -6.3; 2479 -5.8; 2618 -4.9; 2766 -3.8; 2921 -2.6; 3086 -1.6; 3260 -0.8; 3443 -0.3; 3637 -0.2; 3842 -0.5; 4058 -1.2; 4287 -2.5; 4528 -4.6; 4783 -6.3; 5052 -7.1; 5337 -6.4; 5637 -4.9; 5955 -3.5; 6290 -2.0; 6644 -1.5; 7018 -3.0; 7414 -4.0; 7831 -4.0; 8272 -3.6; 8738 -3.5; 9230 -3.8; 9749 -4.3; 10298 -4.9; 10878 -5.5; 11490 -6.0; 12137 -6.7; 12821 -7.4; 13543 -8.2; 14305 -9.1; 15110 -10.1; 15961 -11.1; 16860 -12.2; 17809 -13.4; 18812 -14.6; 19871 -15.9 All the settings come with this format. AutoEq : jaakkopasanen/AutoEq: Automatic headphone equalization from frequency responses (github.com) The dark green line is the paracmetric eq vs the original GraphicEq
  2. I encountered a bug with v2 and even v3 on multiple android devices. When connected to a bluetooth device, Poweramp resets my EQ settings each time I change a song or exit Poweramp. The EQ settings are being set to a certain preset that I once set up for a bluetooth device, although I have meanwhile deleted it even. I tried to get rid of the bug by resetting all presets via the option in the preferences and also reinstalled it without success. Help is much appreciated.
  3. I'd like to be able to save the channel balance setting to eq presets, because pretty much every set of earbuds I've owned ends up with a channel imbalance and it's annoying to need to manually adjust the balance every time I switch between them and a different pair of headphones that don't have the issue. If I could save this setting to an eq preset, I could just select the preset I already use with those earbuds and it'd be a lot faster.
  4. So, I'm an audio enthusiast/musician with a few different headphones, DACs and amps. Poweramp is my main music app. But I've always been conflicted with DVC; whether I want to enable or disable it. It seems to have VERY different effects, based on my amps or headphones. For example, my 1000Xm3's sound more bassy and bloated with DVC on. I have to EQ the bass much lower. However, with a full headphone amp and DT 1990's, it sounds very 'shallow' and bright with DVC on. There's no body or bass, but detailed treble. With DVC off, it sounds fuller/more punchy, but also quite muddy. It's a drastic difference. With an underpowered amp/dac, it sounds best with DVC on. It's full and warm, with good treble. Now, there shouldn't be such a big difference. Through my PC with WinAmp, both these amps sound identical (as they should). I'm just so confused. DVC has the opposite effect with different headphones. Is it something about controlling the DAC directly?
  5. Being one of the most feature-rich and user-friendly music player, I wonder if parametric equalizer is possible to add in the future build?
  6. So... either my ears or my headphones have a slight imbalance so that the right is slightly louder than the left. The minimum L/R balance I can do in the EQ is (+-)2% (and even this is a little difficult to reach before it snapping back to 0). But the imbalance is less than 2% (now left side is too loud). Could you add an option to choose more precise values. Perhaps I could double tap the knob to input -0.0125 for -1.25%? Maybe many don't use such precise settings but I would appreciate it.
  7. I have not managed to get the Poweramp Equalizer app working. I slide the eq bars but it just doesn´t have any effect on the sound even when playing from the Poweramp player, i have tried rebooting my phone and uninstalling any other eq apps that may cause issues. I know it is still an early access, but maybe I´m doing something wrong? Do you have any ideas or should I just wait for the app to be finished?
  8. Dear Poweramp, one of the best improvments that I've seen you implement is the fact that certain EQ presets can be applied to specific devices, which is pretty handy for people who play music via Poweramp through more than 1 source (bluetooth speaker, wired earphones, car audio system etc.). One thing that's missing though is to implement an action for activating MusicFX with specific bluetooth devices. I'm using James DSP manager for my galaxy buds to use a parametic eq, which is activated via the MusicFX button in Poweramp, but I don't need MusicFX for my car audio system or my bluetooth speakers. So I'd like to ask you to implement an extra step to make MusicFX applicable to certain devices, that would make Poweramp to the most versatile music player for Android
  9. Since for my current piece of equipment I'd need a certain band of around 6khz in the equaliser to tune it better, so the idea came into my head that if it were possible, perhaps there could be moveable eq bands or the option to add new ones.
  10. I apologize if this question has already been asked: is the implementation of a parametric equalizer planned?
  11. How do I turn the visual on the Equilizer page on I have been looking for it but unable to figure it out I have attached an image for example.
  12. @maxmpI think there's a bug with the way Poweramp handles saving the eq presets per bluetooth device. Sometimes when i connect a device it shows the previous one and eq. and when switching the eq setting to the one i need then when the next song comes it switches back to the previous one again. sometimes if i turn on my headphones and back on then it will show up as the correct device. yesterday i had the speaker listed in there twice for the eq setting/device!!!! once was checked and the other was unchecked. I've been noticing these issues for the last few days. I hope there's a fix. either Poweramp is reading the wrong BT device or android is not consistent on what it's reporting.
  13. I like to set specific preset EQ settings to almost every music album/folder I listen. So I would like to be enabled to do that more quickly, in the way that when I set EQ and apply it to a specific album/folder/song, that I don't have to give it appropriate name and lose time on that. (Time consuming because that name should be long enough to ensure that it is different from all other presets.) I want to simply press 'save' without typing the name. Poweramp should be able to automaticaly give the generic name - for example the full name of that folder/album/song which I already marked anyway. Please make it possible. :-)
  14. hi. i have a galaxy s5 kernel 3.4.0-14131106. i find i cannot play anything without distortion unless i use eq with all settings on minimum. adjusted everything including number of volume levels and dvc but nothing really helps. the new app awesome and nice and loud and playlists working great. thank you. only issue is eq. if the minimum setting was actually 50 % or even 75 % meaning one could adjust all sliders to well below the current minimum it would be perfect. thanks v much. Gerald.
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