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parametric bands wrong: incorrect symbols, don't work correctly

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please disregard my previous bug report. there was a problem with the form that retained a copy of the text before i formatted it properly.

Poweramp build number: build-982-bundle-play [982004-979e07a1] Premium 64 bit

device model: Pixel 8 Pro
Android version: 14
build: UQ1A.240205.004
steps to reproduce: Add a low pass and a low shelf parametric EQ band. Observe that the symbols don't properly correspond to the type of parametric band (names swapped). They should be:
high shelf: __/‾‾
low shelf: ‾‾\__
low pass/high cut: ‾‾\
high pass/low cut: /‾‾
Furthermore, high/low pass (or low/high cut, respectively) filters should attenuate all frequencies below/above the filter frequency (i.e. only frequencies above (high pass) or below (low pass) will pass through the filter), with Q setting the width (high-Q = boost/low-Q = attenuate) of the filter's frequency.
Currently, the high/low pass filters work about the same as high/low shelf filters instead of setting the lowest/highest frequency that will "pass" through the filter.
Also, band pass filters normally function like both a high and low pass filter in series (i.e. so that only the set frequency and, depending on the Q/width, how much of the surrounding frequencies will pass through the filter). Currently, the band pass filter functions very similarly to the standard peaking parametric band filter.
For a good practical example of these concepts, check out the FabFilter Pro-Q 3 VST plug-in.

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