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Syncing/importing playlist

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I'm a good fan of Poweramp from Sri Lanka & so I bought this app. Its got really cool features. But it would be a great app if below mentioned modifications can be applied to this app regarding Syncing/importing playlist.
I'm using win Media player to sync playlists with my nexus 4. Lets Imagine that I have 10-12 playlists and I need to add new one  from my pc to Poweramp playlists.
The basic steps are PC-->nexus 4 system --->import system playlists from Poweramp settings.
But when you do this,all of the old play lists also imported & auto renamed  again with the new one. Then we need to delete old playlists one by one (even without multi select)
Dear developer, 
This is my problem now. So pls make Poweramp import play list setting more user friendly to overcome above mentioned user difficulties.
Thank you


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