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App works with Spotify

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I simply need to know if the app “Power.amp.app” works with the "Spotify Music Server Service”. It's not a deal breaker or even any question of cost. I like Spotify, have a premium account and have found no need to transfer files to the S D Card and further I like fading from one track into another track... like on the radio. For example (two for Tuesday) as the first song/track ends and the second song/track begins and they are slightly overlapping and fading out and in…
Loving my Spotify... no haters allowed... constructive criticizers feel free to comment... 
All answers considered all ideas welcome... If a Spotify tech happens to read this I also need to have access to "Yes" a.k.a. "Yes-West" and particularly the Rabin' years. A time period in which the very first "Yes" track succeeded to the top no.1 song in 40 + years that the band has played. The 9012? 
"TALK" is the title of the record, or the album, or the CD, and it contained the following songs : "The Calling" * "I Am Waiting” * "Real Love" * "State of Play" * "Walls" * "Where Will You Be” * "Endless Dream” * “ in a Silent Spring" * "Endless Dream” * “Talk, Talk, Talk, Listening" * "Endless Dream” * ”in an Endless Dream"  
Some Guy, Steve
Thank You, 



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No, Poweramp does not currently work with Spotify or any other streaming service, it is a local file player only.


I've removed the three duplicate posts that you made by the way, and you'll need to report your Spotify issues/requests to them directly, they won't see it here.



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