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  1. I simply need to know if the app “Power.amp.app” works with the "Spotify Music Server Service”. It's not a deal breaker or even any question of cost. I like Spotify, have a premium account and have found no need to transfer files to the S D Card and further I like fading from one track into another track... like on the radio. For example (two for Tuesday) as the first song/track ends and the second song/track begins and they are slightly overlapping and fading out and in…Loving my Spotify... no haters allowed... constructive criticizers feel free to comment... All answers considered all ideas welcome... If a Spotify tech happens to read this I also need to have access to "Yes" a.k.a. "Yes-West" and particularly the Rabin' years. A time period in which the very first "Yes" track succeeded to the top no.1 song in 40 + years that the band has played. The 9012? "TALK" is the title of the record, or the album, or the CD, and it contained the following songs : "The Calling" * "I Am Waiting” * "Real Love" * "State of Play" * "Walls" * "Where Will You Be” * "Endless Dream” * “ in a Silent Spring" * "Endless Dream” * “Talk, Talk, Talk, Listening" * "Endless Dream” * ”in an Endless Dream" Some Guy, SteveThank You,
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