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Sound in Spotify cuts out completely after a split second when using the PA EQ

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I'm using Pixel 7 on Android 14 and have the issue stated in the title. When I press pause and play the same thing is happening: there is a sound for a split second and then it stops, but Spotify keeps on playing, just without any sound being produced. It does not matter whether I use the phone's speaker, external DAC, or a bluetooth device.

I tried toggling on/off each of the settings in Known Players -> Spotify, as well as the general DVC toggle and Advanced Player Tracking and unrestricting battery usage setting for both apps.

The issue does not occur in other apps (YT, YT Music, Firefox).

I will be grateful for any help, as I mostly listen to music on Spotify.


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@carrystone the issue can't be reproduced with Spotify  and Poweramp Equalizer build-974 (running without Advanced Player Tracking on the default settings - for Equalizer settings means what you change in the Settings, not the equalizer/bands/tone settings). If your versions are lower, please update.

If phone reboot doesn't help, them most probably something is not on the default setting, e.g. try to restore Equalizer / Known Players to defaults.


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Thanks for the reply!

I'm also on these versions. Unfortunately resetting both apps to default settings (clearing storage) didn't solve the issue.

At one point, however, I managed to keep Spotify play sound continously: the volume was very low, but I was able to fiddle with PA EQ settings, and it was playing until I pressed pause/play. Then the usual thing started happening again. This was random, not caused by any particular setting, it happened after one of several resets to default settings and I failed to reproduce it again.

I don't know if this can be of any help, but I attached an exported log file, just in case.

pa eq log.txt

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