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  1. Build number: 875-882 Samsung Galaxy M31 Android 10 The shuffling doesn't work at all in the year category. It works perfectly in other categories like genres, artists. The problem is every time I click the shuffle button in this section, no matter what always the same track plays. In this case "Kipah - Bassata - 2015" And even the order AFTER the Kipah track is always in the same order so it's like always a fixed order, making it difficult to listen to tracks from 2020 in my library.
  2. To be honest there's a really solid app for PC already out there with too many features. It's called beemp3 (available on windows 10 store). Check it out!
  3. I see a lot of people uploading their Spotify year statistics about their top 5 artists for the year, top genre, how many hours they listened on Spotify in 2019, etc. I feel it would be great if Poweramp can include such infographic as well. Which would display : top 5 most listened artists, top genre, top 5 songs, most listened albums (albums which have > 8 tracks), etc all in an infographic. It can be a big deal!
  4. Screenshot Feature request : As you can see there are various folders in my 'Albums' folder. I feel there could be sorting for these folders as well rather than just audio files. Because i recently added 5-6 albums and I'm having hard time finding them in this folder because there's no way to sort by date added/year. Another request would be to add year category in library, it's long due. It's also very important just like genre, artists tab. Because sometimes I just want to listen to recent stuff with help of year wise sorting.
  5. This compilation album features multiple artists like Tiesto, Alesso, Dillon Francis, etc. Hence, all files have Album Artist tag named as 'Various Artists' But instead of showing Various Artists under the album title, it's showing different sub-artist names. Like in this screenshot it is showing up as Alesso, sometimes it shows up as 'GTA' (another artist) instead of 'various artists'
  6. The sound keeps playing through phone speaker when earphones is connected (No, it doesn't happen in other apps). One temporary fix is to restart the phone. Looking for a permanent fix.
  7. Why won't there be any changes? Some of them have been requested by more people!
  8. *see the attached image* Orange : Give us a feature to make it permanently translucent. Green : Give us a 4th mode where the visualization plays on in the BACKGROUND i.e. the part where blurred album art shows up. Blue : Make it like the previous version by putting the Artist name first and album name second (Can make it optional) As while listening to a track I'd like to rather know the Artist name than album name. Also it would be cherry on cake if that could be not static. Like it moves through the whole name like in the previous version. Purple : An option to remove it
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