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To Lock or Unlock Screen? That's the question!

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When using the lock screen, Poweramp displays the message To Lock Screen preceded with an open lockpad. I am certain this is the wrong message and this should, instead, read To Unlock Screen. I am not a programmer, but I am pretty sure this message comes from Poweramp and not Android. If this is the case, could you please alter it accordingly, as it is at least misleading and at worst makes Poweramp looks unpolished?

Alternatively, this could be updated to dynamically display Tap to Unlock Screen or Slide to Unlock Screen, depending upon the selected option [Lock Screen] -> [slide To Unlock] (tick/untick).

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Attached screenshot for illustrative purposes.

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No, something can be done. But let me explain why it's that way.

Here is the layers your phone has when it's Locked.

Layer 1) Home screen

Layer 2) Lock screen

Layer 3) Poweramp controls

So it asks if you want to leave the Poweramp controls and go to the Lock screen (if you have one).

Does that make sense now? Sorry it's a bit overly complicated. Maybe we'll just end up rewording it to stop confusion!

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I understand what you the various layers and how they interoperate; however, the way it is "implemented" creates confusion. To attempt to understand your point, I disabled PIN-based lock screen and defaulted it to swipe and this is what I observe:

- Playing a track, and using on Poweramp, I can see the track album art and the message "To Lock Screen"

- Tap on the message on Galaxy S III, this goes to the Main "lock" screen

Now, I understand; "Lock" here is not a verb; hence the confusion! I was under the impression that the message invites one to lock their screen. In fact, it was to go the the Lock Screen. Technically speaking, the implementation is correct albeit it may create confusion, especially for people using PIN/Password to restrict access to their device.

Please disregard this request; sorry!



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