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  1. Welcome Terminator, For sure, Poweramp does not arrange tracks by their album art. So i is is important to know how the track were tagged. If the track were tagged "manually" using different software, this may happen. The published year may differ, the way the artist name was tagged, too; e.g. the featuring artist, if any. Likewise,the version,and even the version destination, e.g. "U.S. version" may affect this behaviour. In these cases Poweramp may t"split" the track depending upon how they are sorted.. Please post a screenshot for clarity. Otto
  2. I understand what you the various layers and how they interoperate; however, the way it is "implemented" creates confusion. To attempt to understand your point, I disabled PIN-based lock screen and defaulted it to swipe and this is what I observe: - Playing a track, and using on Poweramp, I can see the track album art and the message "To Lock Screen" - Tap on the message on Galaxy S III, this goes to the Main "lock" screen Now, I understand; "Lock" here is not a verb; hence the confusion! I was under the impression that the message invites one to lock their screen. In fact, it was to go the t
  3. I accept your apologies, as this avoids potential confrontations. Regarding your response, you must appreciate that this does not seem very reliable as it is baseless: in fact, the up-to-date release notes, as per below, do not mention this feature. If this is the case, please amend it accordingly. Planned features for Poweramp v3.0 (2.1 renamed to 3.0) - support for album grabbing apps via system library album art support - google music song info - system library playlists support - settings export/import (to/from sd card, including equ/tone presets) - advanced tag editing - rating sync'ing f
  4. Sorry, but it does not make sense to me; however, I understand that nothing can be done, basically! Thanks, Otto
  5. What about this? Is the message correct or is it from Poweramp/Android?
  6. I am sorry but I am utterly unimpressed with this response; you know very well Pulse was an example and for you claim that Pulse have "10 or more developer teams" not even members, but teams, beggars belief . This account seems like from an insider. Anyhow, I do not want to get involved in argument here, however, please provide a definite timetable for tablet support: this request date from 29 October 2011 and as said before, it is way too long and again your timeframe at best can be considered too vague. You should not be "planning a more tablet friendly design" now,this should already be un
  7. Your report appears to suggest that this is somehow a known issue, if not provide more information that may help Max's team identify your problem. When you say you cannot have Poweramp widget, have you also tried to enable it on the lock screen? If so,is it visible? If you are new to this player and are using ICS, ensure the option is enable under [Lock Screen] menu. Have you tried to uninstall and reinstall and remove the free version,if you had it? I have Samsung Phones and a tablet and the widget works on all those devices. Do you run a shell program?
  8. I experience the same issue with with my running app, Endomondo, with Poweramp stopping the track (not quite pausing it) as the app exits whenever I receive the first notification of total run distance. Before, this was not the case, as I recall: depending on the nature of the notification, the music would have paused and then resumed. Please investigate and fix for next release... Thanks, Otto
  9. Dear Sir, While the analogy may be overstated and I fully understand that, but it is mainly as a result frustration. In previous posting from within this thread, I showed other developers from of the Android ecosystem, for instance Pulse, but of course on that occasion, no comment was made on your part. Most people who are registered with software forum appreciate the challenges that you mention. This is why most of us are eagerly willing to be your (free) Beta Testers (effectively). Of course, one would expect something in return (not quite financial gain) primarily the incorporation of their
  10. André, I know it plays OK,but it just doesn't look OK. I appreciate you listen the music only, but some people,among them myself, like to choose and that means I have to relay on the App (UI=) quite extensively (which is still not as user-friendly as one would want), to change tracks, look for an album and so forth. The point is how much more time they need...during this time, Google has released ICS and now Jelly Bean. All the features we were promised back them have been removed! OK, I got the Bluetooth track info, but there is so much more than that and the app has a lot of potential if on
  11. I have uninstalled completely from my tablet and I am considering upgrading it to Assus Pad Infinity. I just cannot imagine how horrible Poweramp would look on higher-resolution tablet. This situation is just unacceptable! It will soon be a year since I reported this issue! In fact, now they will be heading to the beach for the holiday season; some may even come here to London for the Olympics. Utterly disgusting! Other developer on other platforms,mainly iOS upgrade their application swiftly. WHy Poweramp have to treat their users differently? I mean the new iPad now sports retina screen reso
  12. When using the lock screen, Poweramp displays the message To Lock Screen preceded with an open lockpad. I am certain this is the wrong message and this should, instead, read To Unlock Screen. I am not a programmer, but I am pretty sure this message comes from Poweramp and not Android. If this is the case, could you please alter it accordingly, as it is at least misleading and at worst makes Poweramp looks unpolished? Alternatively, this could be updated to dynamically display Tap to Unlock Screen or Slide to Unlock Screen, depending upon the selected option [Lock Screen] -> [slide To Unlo
  13. The latest release notes mention "some" support for tablet: what is the status of this matter? Before Nexus Tablets and other begin flooding, could you please clarify this aspect of your app? Thank you, Otto
  14. Very well said, indeed! To be quite honest, I found my SGS2 slower after the update (but ICS is tasty); hence, I got the SGS3.
  15. Hi Holger, What stops you from upgrading your SGS2 to ICS? I have upgraded mine before getting SGS3. However, a colleague had a problem with ICS on SGS2 (maybe firmware too) on her Ford with Bluetooth linking. After upgrading, her SGS2 to ICS, contact manes were no longer dispalyed, only phone numbers. Good luck, Otto
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