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Poweramp forgets to display album art on lock screen after track switch


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  • build-942-bundle-play [942004-2e1a3604]
  • Pixel 4a
  • Android 13
  • So you launch some songs, lock the phone or turn display off, and after track switches you turn display on, look at the lock screen player and see no album art there anymore, nor in notification area. And if you interact with lock screen player controls and switch the track back on forth, it will remember to read album art and will display it again:


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Not sure if it's the same issue, but I'm certainly having a similar issue with the Joying Android-based head unit in my car. I'm using version build-939-bundle-play. Sometimes when resuming from some form of sleep, the track will resume and song info displays but the artwork will be missing

Additional details:

I'm using a USB flash drive filled with FLAC files and playlists. When I switch off the ACC position and the screen shuts off, if I turn it back on within a few minutes (within 5 minutes based on my testing) it resumes play and shows all artwork like it should. If I let it sit any longer than that, when I turn it back on the track will resume but from the start of the track and the artwork will be missing...basically just a black background with no album art. Skipping forward to next track or backwards to previous track typically does not recover the album artwork (sometimes yes and usually no). However, I discovered that if I swipe down to bring up the track list it immediately recovers all album artwork.

Poking around in the settings in the Misc section I found an option to reload the skin, but unfortunately that did not help.

This is a minor nuisance with a workaround, but would be nice if there was a way to fix this permanently that didn't require me to perform a couple swipes after the unit starts.

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