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  1. Very well said, indeed! To be quite honest, I found my SGS2 slower after the update (but ICS is tasty); hence, I got the SGS3.
  2. Hi Holger, What stops you from upgrading your SGS2 to ICS? I have upgraded mine before getting SGS3. However, a colleague had a problem with ICS on SGS2 (maybe firmware too) on her Ford with Bluetooth linking. After upgrading, her SGS2 to ICS, contact manes were no longer dispalyed, only phone numbers. Good luck, Otto
  3. Thank you for the hint. I did try the Tweak section, but just did not look down! I have tried as suggested but now it is worst (still functional) in the sense that it displays full metadata, which is Title, Artist and Album. This makes more difficult to read now (too much data). Is there a posibility to customise it and limit it to Title and Artist only? Many thanks for your prompt response!
  4. I just would like to share my happiness and confirm that, after a long wait, my Sony Ericsson MW-600 now displays song track info (title only) with the latest release of Poweramp using it with Smasung Galaxy S III. Is there a possible to implement ifo customisation, such as Artist and Track, if desired? Thank you very much and well done! PD: I had lost all hopes...
  5. This is not progressing; why is it so difficult to implement it? If when I listen to different soung the volume is suddlently much louder than the previous song, requiring manual intervention, for sure the software can do it for me! We have the technology :idea: , just use it! I am not asking Poweramp to make coffee for me !
  6. I second Garry's request; I have purchased some MP3 and encoded other myself and the volume is not always the same level. Please consider auto-volume function in addition to the equalizer auto limiter: these are two different functions.
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