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  1. @maxmp The play/pause and vol up/down buttons do not work with any media player, even YouTube.
  2. @andrewilley Stock rom and no button mapper. Phone is rooted, but I re-flashed and tested without root and issue persisted. Maybe there are not very many users of wired headsets with media control buttons? My wife has the same phone and the same issues. So, I know it is not a hardware issue particular to my phone. My current suspicion... Moto added "Moto Audio" app, which likely required some custom programming because it applies to wired 3.5mm outputs, but, as soon as I press a media button on the headset, the Moto Audio app recognizes the headset and shuts down. So, I think
  3. Still broken... Worse now, after an Android update because it fails regardless of screen on, off or locked. All headset buttons are worthless now. Since the problem persists in Safe Mode, I'm guessing the base programming is screwed up. Probably a Moto / Android 10 issue. Wish I knew how to fix... I love this headset, which worked perfectly on a Moto G5s Plus.
  4. Issue: Wired headset media controls do NOT function properly when screen is locked AND dark (off). Controls (generally) work fine when the phone screen is on (even if screen is locked). I have attempted a wide variety of fixes, including a factory reset/flash of the phone, reinstalling Poweramp, various setting changes in Poweramp (keep notification, wakelock), allowing background app (battery optimization off), etc. All is normal when the screen is not locked... Log below of a "pause" action followed by a "play" action when working as expected: ================== 11:04:48.41
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