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Bring up Poweramp Lock Screen Player using Lock Screen Shortcuts


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On my old Samsung Galaxy S7 and now my S10, there is an option to have two icons on the bottom corners of the lock screen. One is normally reserved for the Camera and the other reserved for the Phone. If you were to swipe them open, the Camera icon shortcut would open the Camera app, but the other app would require you to unlock the phone first. 

You can re-map these icons to open other apps, but they usually then ask you to unlock the phone first. Sometimes I dismiss the Poweramp Lock Screen accidentally but I want to bring it back up without unlocking my phone which takes a lot of key-presses.

Can you create a way to let users specify Poweramp as a lock screen shortcut which will open up the Poweramp Lock Screen activity? (Just like the Camera app running while the phone is still locked, this Poweramp lock screen shortcut would open the Poweramp Lock Screen activity while the  phone is still locked).



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