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  1. Good Morning Poweramp users, Today I have a quick quality test review for you. The kind folks at Underwater Audio sent us a copy of their many waterproof headphones for us to experience and give you guys an honest review. I used these headphones for over two weeks while traveling, swimming, and jumping into waterfalls and I must tell you, they truly are waterproof. When it came to experiencing the real Poweramp quality, these headphones were able to reproduce the highs and lows accurately. They sounded fantastic underwater, and while it does not have overly strong bass as I am used to, I would very much recommend these for active people. If there is a device you would like for us to test and give you an honest review about, reply below.
  2. custom ROM commonly have issues like that.
  3. From Max on this thread: http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/5245-audio-cracks-and-pops/ There is no such issue for just S3 or S4 device. Something in your device/app/ROM/tweaks environment affects it. It can also depend more or less on some formats (some formats like APE are much more demanding, and huge CPU stealing by other processes can cause skips). http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/1737-faq/page-2#entry17354 This generally includes all possible causes (except may be bugged ROM - yes, stock player and stock player component using apps can work flawlessly, but other audio APIs can be broken - can be checked by playing some game). Thanks!
  4. @Poweramp2

    track display

    It's all based on what the theme developer decides to do. They have control over what aspects to change and what not to change since they know coding and can modify our theme's code. Users cannot do that unless they code their own. Hope that answers your question.
  5. @Poweramp2

    Poweramp can't see my external sd

    No problem, glad to help.
  6. More than likely yes, other apps can interrupt Poweramp from functioning the way its meant to
  7. @Poweramp2

    Audio cracks and pops

    Are you guys all using CyanogenMod?
  8. You have to email the support address. You can do this from Poweramp's settings menu or spprt.poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com You will need your original order number and such information
  9. @Poweramp2

    track display

    Sorry about that, we hope your experience with Poweramp is still good without the larger numbers.
  10. @Poweramp2

    Poweramp can't see my external sd

    This issue is hard to resolve since you're using a custom ROM and it's a version of Android that is very new. Did your external SD card show up when you were using stock ROMs? This issue might have to be resolved by the ROM maker
  11. @Poweramp2

    How do I...

    Sorry for this issue, we would love to test it out and see if it works for you but cannot get a hold of a Ford. We hope you can still find other reasons to use Poweramp at the end of the day. Before I go, does any other 3rd party music player word like I previously mentioned (not including Pandora, slacker, or the other popular stream services)?
  12. @Poweramp2

    support DNLA for Xbox 360 Or One

    There are apps in the Play Store that can allow you to share your phone's music over WiFi for free
  13. @Poweramp2

    Only Invoice Mail

    Thanks, glad it's handled
  14. @Poweramp2

    Poweramp damages my earphones

    I have tried to see if I can break a pair of my own earbuds and I really cannot get any type of result similar to yours. I tried with my in-ear earbuds and my Beats studio. Sorry we cannot figure this issue out for you.
  15. @Poweramp2

    track display

    Poweramp's UI does not support single design feature modification but there might be a theme in the Play Store that has changed the size of the track number, check it out.
  16. @Poweramp2

    Poweramp on Cloud

    Making Poweramp a cloud based music player takes much more resources/time than we currently have. We are focusing on making the best non-cloud based music player before we make further decisions on where to next.
  17. @Poweramp2

    Songs duplicate

    Well Poweramp does not have a backup/duplicate function so it would have to be something else that's duplicating your music.
  18. Wait, what version of Android is 3.35? That does not sound correct. We need more information
  19. Yeah that's typically not suppose to maybe that's what he means?
  20. That sounds like exactly how the Queue works. So I'm a little confused as to how you have it working currently.
  21. It's quite strange that Poweramp wouldn't scroll if the title is too long. I just checked on an S4 and a Nexus 5 and it works perfectly fine. What phone are you using?
  22. @Poweramp2

    Songs in Album List

    No problem!
  23. When you press the button does it at least pause the music and resume?
  24. Have you tried raising the priority and that doesn't help?
  25. Try out the standard pack and see how it works for you.