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Google Voice Search "Listen To" Default Action


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I love that Poweramp is integrated with Google Voice Search, but I think it could go one step further and let you set a default action for the "Listen to..." command. Right now, it is essentially like doing a search within Poweramp and showing you the list of results. Since I (and I'm sure many others) primarily use the voice search in my car, this causes me to still have to look down and make a selection on my phone after the search.

I think it would be convenient if we could have a default action once the search completes: either play top result, enqueue top result, or show results (the current implementation). My personal favorite would be the enqueue option, that way if I'm listening to a playlist but have a sudden urge to listen to a random song in my library, I could tell easily tell my phone to play it, after which it would return to the playlist, all without having to look at the screen.

Thanks for the consideration.

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I agree, this feature is pretty much essential for anyone who bikes, runs, or drives a lot. Voice commands are the only thing I miss about my old iPod.


It would also be great if you could do this based on ID3 tags, rather than by search terms. For example "Listen to Album: '<album name>'." This saves the confusion of having a lot of self-titled albums and title-tracks on albums.


It still seems a little strange to me that Poweramp is one of the more expensive music apps and still doesn't support voice commands.

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