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Found 6 results

  1. I haven't been able to find an answer to this, so apologies if this has been addressed. Why does Poweramp need to verify my purchase through Google Play License Verification when I already have the Poweramp Unlocker installed? I found this out in a very unfortunate way and it disturbed me tremendously. I was in the middle of a trans-atlantic flight while listening to Poweramp when suddenly the music stopped and I received a pop-up message that Poweramp was not able to verify the purchase through Google Play License Verification/APM. I am sure this happened because I was in the air at 38,000 feet and I had the airplane mode turned on to disable any wifi and mobile data services. Anyway, I had the Poweramp Unlocker installed as well, so I am not sure why my license had to be verified online? I thought the purpose of the Poweramp Unlocker was to unlock Poweramp without having the need to verify a license online since I had already paid for it by buying the Unlocker? The reason why I found this most frustrating is that I no longer was able to use Poweramp for the rest of the duration of the trip because I was not able to get any mobile data service until I landed, which was about 5 hours later. I had to resort to the stock player that could not read my Poweramp playlists. I felt like I had paid for the license but was unfairly prevented from using it. So, was it something I missed in the settings to fix this? Or is there another explanation that I am aware of that justifies this? I feel that if Poweramp needs to verify a license through Google Play, that I shouldn't need to have the Unlocker installed or at the very least, it needs to warn you well ahead of time that it needs to verify a license so that someone doesn't get caught off guard and unable to verify their license for hours and therefore lose access to an app they paid for. Well, just wondering - not angry, but just frustrated that I couldn't use it when I really needed it.
  2. 安装 Play 中的解锁器时,Google Play Store 应用会将 ERROR_CONTACTING_SERVER 错误报告回 Poweramp;在以下情况下报告该错误: Play Store 应用未加载(例如,它目前自行更新)。请启动 Play Store 应用,等待其完全加载, 然后再次启动 Poweramp 至少 2 次 Poweramp 处于未许可/订单未完成退款/取消状态。 请在 Google Play 中打开您的订单并检查您的 Poweramp 完整版解锁器状态是否为“完成” 网络连接不可用/不稳定,或 Play Store 应用/服务被屏蔽 应用有太多的请求需要 Play 服务器进行许可证检查。 请稍后再试(10 分钟后) 您可能需要启动/等待/退出 Poweramp 2 次才能重新加载许可证状态
  3. 安装 Play 中的解锁器时,Google Play Store 应用会将 NOT_LICENSED 错误报告回 Poweramp;仅在以下情况下报告该错误: Poweramp 订单处于未完成/退款/取消状态。 请打开您的订单并确认您的 Poweramp 完整版解锁器状态为“完成”, 您在 Poweramp 网站上购买, 但正在使用的是 Play 中的解锁器。 请卸载此解锁器,然后使用“Poweramp 设置”=>“已经购买?”=>“网站” 设备上的 Google 帐号无效。Google Play 购买将绑定到指定的 Google 帐号。如果您更改,Play 将无法再识别您的购买。 请将该 Google 帐号重新添加回您的设备和/或在 Google Play Store 应用中选择此帐号(侧菜单 => Google 帐号旁边的右上箭头) 您可能需要启动/等待/退出 Poweramp 2 次才能重新加载许可证状态
  4. ERROR_CONTACTING_SERVER error is reported by Google Play Store app back to Poweramp when Unlocker from Play is installed; it's reported in the following cases: Play Store app not loaded (for example, it currently updates itself). Please start Play Store app and wait until it fully loads, then start Poweramp again at least 2 times Poweramp is in not licensed/order is incomplete/refunded/cancelled. Please open Your Orders and check if your Poweramp Full Version Unlocker status is "Complete" Internet connection is not available/unstable or Play Store app/services are blocked from Internet too much requests from apps to Play servers for a license check. Please try again later (in 10 minutes) you may need start/wait a second/exit Poweramp 2 times to reload license state
  5. NOT_LICENSED error is reported by Google Play Store app back to Poweramp when Unlocker from Play is installed; it's reported only in the following cases: Poweramp order is incomplete/refunded/cancelled. Please open Your Orders and check your Poweramp Full Version Unlocker status is "Complete" you purchased on Poweramp website, but you're using Unlocker from Play. Please uninstall this Unlocker then use Poweramp Settings => Already Purchased? => Website invalid Google account on the device. Google Play purchases are bound to the specific google account. If you change it, Play can't recognize your purchase anymore. Please re-add that google account back to your device and/or select this account in Google Play Store app (side menu => top right arrow next to your google account) you may need start/wait a second/exit Poweramp 2 times to reload license state
  6. Poweramp build 830,stock rom,android 9.0(pie),non root. Problem: Smoothness of play/pause fade feature seems to be rough. When output is set to Hi-res then buffer size is maximum(100 x8 or see screenshot), dvc is enabled the problem occurs. Using other output with the same buffer size was fine. In conclusion, this only happens in hi-res output.
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