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Found 6 results

  1. I love that Poweramp is integrated with Google Voice Search, but I think it could go one step further and let you set a default action for the "Listen to..." command. Right now, it is essentially like doing a search within Poweramp and showing you the list of results. Since I (and I'm sure many others) primarily use the voice search in my car, this causes me to still have to look down and make a selection on my phone after the search. I think it would be convenient if we could have a default action once the search completes: either play top result, enqueue top result, or show results (the cu
  2. I've noticed when I click and hold on an artist/folder with multiple albums/subfolders, the tracks are placed in the list based purely on track #. So all the ones are together, then all the twos, etc. The only way to enqueue an artist so that the albums play back to back in the proper track order seems to be enqueueing one album at a time, which can be tedious for an artist with lots of albums. I know its easy to swipe up or down to jump from album list to another, but it would be cool to just play an artist and have all the tracks in order.
  3. I accidentally started an enqueue for a pretty long list of songs. Now when I play a song and that song is over.. this long enqueue list comes up. The only way I know to end it is to skip every song on that list, but that would take forever. Does anyone know how to cancel it?
  4. Hi, I LOVE Poweramp. I searched for a while before I found a player that had amazing features, all included in one, such as playlists, queues, album art downloads, and a rating system. Great job on development! My question is in regards to rating. I've rated a few songs with 1 star, because I don't like them, and want to keep them out of my playlists (as a way to identify which songs I don't like). So anyway, then I realized that the only way to play top-rated songs is to enqueue them or add them to a playlist from the top-rated list. It is most convenient to use "select all" from this
  5. Let me start by saying I love Poweramp! It'a a fantastic player and I enjoy it every single day. Something I would like to see added is the ability to save all songs in enqueue to a playlist. Sometimes I add albums and songs and listen to them and think to myself that this would be great in just a single playlist. But it's tedious to look at what's in enqueue and then add the songs to a playlist. I would like to be able to long press enqueue and be able to "add all to playlist". (If I'm missing something in the settings somewhere please let me know.) Anyway, that's my suggestion.
  6. Hello. When I hold on a song and press Enqueue, the song starts after the song playing in the moment, but when this song finishes it repeates again and again. I marked "Auto-Advane From Queue" box, but still the same. I just want to resume my songs after finishing the queue. Samsung Galaxy Nexus Sorry for bad English :S.
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