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Is it possible to only scan newly added songs and folders instead of the entire library?


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I have a massive amount of tracks under my music folder, mostly because I like to listen to tracker/chiptune music, and have literally thousands of such tracks. (I have 26k+ songs in total.)

I have the main music folder selected for scanning, but even so, it takes a huge amount of time to go through it - this is very annoying if I'm only adding a few new tracks or a single album to the library.

Note that I'm not even doing a full rescan, the process starts automatically if I open Poweramp after adding new songs. Is there any option to make it so that Poweramp automatically skips the songs it has already scanned? I guess I could disable all the folders under the "Music folders" section, and manually add the newly added ones, but I wonder if there's a more simple or elegant solution to this issue.

Thanks for any info, much appreciated in advance!

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Poweramp does not re-read the tags of songs that have not been altered during a background routine rescan, but it does need to crawl through the whole Music Folders directory structure to see if anything is indicated as new or has been changed. It will then read the tags from any new/updated files.

This process should be much quicker than a Full Rescan, which reads the embedded tags from every found file again. A quick rescan when nothing much has changed should not take significantly longer than the first (i.e. directory crawling) phase of a Full Rescan, which normally only a few seconds with a reasonably sized library.


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