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Found 4 results

  1. Power amp includes every media files including videos as well as small length audios in a selected folder. It is really disappointing to hear short audios, ringtones,call or video files in between music. I already commented about this in play store . But not yet solved. There should be an option to exclude specified files types from scanning. Because if I selected the download folder to scan, it include every media files in that folder like mp4 movies, ringtones and other short length files which is not a music. There should be an option to select/exclude some file format and to exclude files which is shorter or longer than a specified time. For this reason I uninstalled power amp.
  2. Hi there, Poweramp Version: alpha-build-703-uni (full version) Device: Lenovo TAB 2 A7-20F Android 4.4.2 When I 'refresh' my library Poweramp doesn't stop scanning. I have left it on for days and it won't stop and drains my battery really quickly if not plugged in. The other problem is that not all albums are visible in the album list. Only 79 albums are selectable. When I look at the "folder list" there are 281 folders of music. The information displayed on each folder states the number of songs in each folder however when I open those folders (that are not displayed in the albums list) it states there are no files. These files are able to be played on other media players. These issues were present with the previous version of Poweramp so I upgraded to see if it would eliminate both problem but they both still persist. All of my music is stored on a micro-SD card, not the internal memory of the device. Cheers, TIm
  3. I sync my music between Windows Media Player and my SD card (Sony Xperia Z2 phone), and listen on the phone with Poweramp. I have the unlocked paid version. At the start I was very happy with it, but at some point it stopped being able to find (and so also being able to update) my synced (so created in WMP) playlists. The only way I have been able to find playlists was to go through Settings > Folders and Library > Import System Playlists. Then it does find the playlists, so I know they're on the device and in the right folder. HOWEVER, going this path means that whenever I update playlists or create new ones on my computer in WMP, I have to re-import, and then I have all the playlists double, and have to manually delete their older versions, and it's getting on my last nerve; this is also such bad functionality that I just think this can't be right. But I've really tried everything I can think of (checked file paths, scan settings; this morning I deleted everything off my SD card and did a fresh re-sync), and I don't know why Poweramp cannot find my playlists in the regular scan. Does anyone have pointers what else I might be doing wrong, or is this a bug? (I googled playlists and Poweramp, but didn't see anything indicating that this was a common problem.)
  4. I have been having difficulty with my Android and Poweramp since this past Sunday. I discovered that whenever Poweramp attempts to scan the library, it gets stuck mid-scan, and ultimately the phone freezes and crashes, only to restart the phone and start the process all over again, resulting in a series of restarts and crashes. I was able to halt the auto-scanning. I tried deleting cache and data files. I tried unstalling and reinstalling both the Trial and Full Versions. If I don't do a scan of the library, Poweramp won't play any new downloaded files (which it needs to do). But at this point, I can't even get it to complete a scan because the scan gets stuck. At this point, I have a practically useless app. Help, please!
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