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  1. CLOSE THE TOPIC I found out I had a very outdated version of Poweramp Updated and tested. All works good Sorry for the wasted time
  2. @andrewilley Yes. It stays intact if I just play it. I've also seen people complaining about related problems. No apparent solution there either.
  3. I set to scan a folder on the external SD named playlist. This folder contains my m3u8 files. Whenever I edit this playlist inside Poweramp (add or remove a song), the corresponding m3u8 goes to 0 bytes (blank). Next time I restart Poweramp, the playlist doesn't even appear on the list (obviously, since it's empty). Funny thing: the playlist is intact in the memory of the app (as in, it remembers and plays the supposed sequence). Only the m3u8 is corrupt and not listed inside the program. One time I went and opened the playlist file with a text editor: the songs were there, but it was full of garbage at the end of the file. The playlist worked even *with* these stuff. V3-build-851-arm32-play
  4. We are aware of this design flaw. That is exactly our complaint Then we have a problem
  5. I am also unhappy with the repeatedly given answers Why does Poweramp simply ignore the requests ? Ticking and unticking is easy, but we may have more reasons to use the .nomedia file, specially if the structure is already in place and there are thousands of songs to be filtered out. More options is always better than less options. And this one is probably easy to implement.
  6. That, and my constant reinstallation of apps. I have internet on very few places that I visit
  7. Now with Prosenjit's fix I am allowed to do that Before his fix, I couldn't. As shown in the illustration I uploaded. Before Prosenjit's fix, I did exactly that. Moved the songs to the internal and then removed the external SD By then, it did Nor work. Now with his fix, it's unnecessary
  8. That was it ! Fixed I downloaded from play store, then made a backup of the APK (I always do: ES file explorer has such feature) Probably got corrupted in the processs (and I did install again from my backup) Downloaded from play store again, and it worked. Glitch gone. Now obsolete, but I'll post anyway: (A non answer is also an useful answer, as it tells us where NOT to look) Correct For some reason, Android labels the internal memory as "SD Card" Done that once or maybe twice. (I frequently make backups of the SD content, and format afterwards to "clanup") Indeed, a new identifier is assigned everytime. No fix. And finally, there's that: And I did that again. All songs And removed the externarl SD card afterwards (safely ejected) Poweramp still can't find anything
  9. Can't choose any subfolder on the library. If I choose the whole root, the app finds nothing Two "paths" to the same physical SD card are shown, somewhy Even if I move all the songs to the internal SD, the app can't find none If I navigate to ANY song using a file explorer, I can play the song as normal on Poweramp The SD has been formatted recently as FAT32 Tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app Sony Xperia Z3 Official ROM, Android 6.0.1, rooted and xposed
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