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Importing Playlists To A Phone With No SD Card

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I'm trying to export playlists from my Galaxy S10 to a Samsung S21 Ultra that has no SD card. I used Samsung's Smart Switch app which send all of the music files over properly (I just had to to select the files for the new phone to "see", and did a full rescan to get them to populate). But the playlists didn't come over. Should I have done a backup on the old phone first? 

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52 minutes ago, Splungeworthy said:

Should I have done a backup on the old phone first? 

@Splungeworthy Yes, but it's not late, as long as you still have your old phone with the play list. 

On the old phone, Poweramp- Settings- Export Settings/Data.

Select what you want, (in your case, play list only).

Choose a location you can access, then Export, after that, send the  file to the new phone, then Import Settings/Data. Browse to the folder you sent back up, click, and you're done.


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@Splungeworthy   When you say "the playlists didn't come over" you don't make it clear what sort of playlist you are talking about (internally created within Poweramp or physical M3U files?) and whether you can see the playlist names on your new device but you can't play anything from them.

Assuming you are saying no playlists have appeared on your new device at all, even though your actual music files were copied over, the simplest solution would be to use PA Settings=>Export Settings/Data on your OLD device. Tick the 'Playlists' item only, and tap 'Export'. That will copy all playlists from your old device (both internal and file-based) into a single backup file. If you'd like to backup any other features at the same time, you could tick those items too.

Copy the resulting file from your old device's storage to your new device. As both of your devices are Samsung, their 'Nearby Share' feature would be the easiest way to do that ( https://www.samsung.com/us/support/answer/ANS00087283/ ) but you could do it all sorts of ways: Copy to Google Drive/Dropbox/etc, email or message the file as an attachment to yourself, plug phone into a computer via USB or use the Windows Phone Link feature (Windows 10+), use an OTG cable between the two devices, send by Bluetooth, etc.

Once you've copied the file over, use PA Settings=>Import Settings/Data and select 'Playlists' again.


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The playlists were created in Poweramp. There was no evidence of any playlist names on the new device. And it wasn't just playlists that didn't get transferred. None of my settings migrated over-so all of my different music profiles that I had created, all of the equalizer settings that I had created. None of it. I even had to recreate the library settings so that Poweramp could actually see the songs that had transferred to the new storage and add them. This exact same thing happened when I used Samsung Smart Switch to transfer everything (I eventually didn't keep that phone), and Motorola's app to transfer data. I love Poweramp but you guys make it so hard to move your app over completely intact.

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7 hours ago, Splungeworthy said:

 I love Poweramp but you guys make it so hard to move your app over completely intact.

If you install on a new phone, it will naturally be a new installation. For your security (so Google says, anyway) Android will require music folder permissions to be set up again, which once done will allow Poweramp to repopulate the Library based on the music files it finds.

But as I said above, copying all of your old app settings (including EQ values, playlists, ratings, downloaded cover art, etc) from a different device is a doddle: On the old device, use PA Settings=>Export Settings/Data to backup everything into one file. Then on the new phone, install Poweramp and use Settings=>Import Settings/Data to retrieve it all again from the same backup file that you copied from your old device. You can even choose what elements you want to export/import if you wish, but in your case I'd just import everything.


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