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Copying multiple MP3 files to a playlist


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I have 876 MP3's on my Driod R2D2, I copied ALL to specific playlist, (1971, 1975, 1990...etc) I had 8 playlist each a specific year. This took a few hours copying one at a time. Now I had to replace my driod and re-installed my licenced copy of Poweramp and have to do it all over again.

My question is:

Is there a way to tag multiple files to copy to a playlist or do I have to move EVERYONE one at a time again?


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If the specific year is embedded into the tags of each mp3 you could fire up MediaMonkey on your library and pull up a list of all of your songs sorted by year. Select all of the files for one year, right click > send to > M3U/XSPF Playlist > Save it in the root folder of your library (as M3U). Then open up the M3U file using notepad and remove the drive letter and path UP TO THE ROOT FOLDER for each file listed. (use the replace function to accomplish this quickly for all files)

Example - if your root folder has files and folders in it the file should look something like this:

\MP3 file in root music directory.mp3

\SUBFOLDER\MP3 file in subfolder directory.mp3

May have to import playlists into Poweramp in order to see them.

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