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Hide artists with less than X songs

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The problem is compilation artist where each track might have a different performer. I just checked my library and I have 330 different album artists and 1060 track artists. So I can see how it would make sense to hide track artists with less than X tracks.

I personally never use the Artist category as it's a never ending list, Album Artist is more usable for me.

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On 12/20/2022 at 6:03 PM, Bencherished said:

What you are asking for is something you can do for yourself, I mean, if you don't want any artist in your music library simply because, they have few or low amount of songs, just delete it, or move the file to where Poweramp does not have permission to read it.


On 12/21/2022 at 5:06 AM, Bencherished said:

@andrewilley are you in support of what @mrselfdestructni is requesting? 

Some times, we should help ourselves by using what is given.

In My library, I use same name in Artist and Album Artist, if there are two or more contributing artists, I moved them to the song title with (feat. Ghfgfrh & Iyhyed).

If it's a collection or a movie Soundtrack, I don't use various artists, I use the movie title then (feat. Wedgrfeg, fefgtf, & shg3h4v) or (Performed By: Rmdnr & dlrrshy. feat. Gwwh).

This way, all collections stays together,  and artist and album artist categories look simple.

If we are requesting the feature of hiding artists because they have few songs, we should also add they get deleted after a period of time if the number(s) doesn't change. 

Absolutely I'm in support of @mrselfdestructni. In fact I think it would be a good idea - and probably relatively simple to implement - to have this sort of filter in the List Options page for various categories. You could do something similar in Genres for example, so rarer Genre tags would be hidden in order to declutter the main list if the user wished. If enabled, anything that was omitted from the main list should be placed in a single sub-item of its own - perhaps 'Singular Artists' or 'Uncommon Genres', etc - in the same way Unknown Albums work.

Incidentally, I suggested a while ago that any 'Unknown' collective groups in lists (Unknown Artist, Unknown Album, Unknown Genre, etc) should always appear as an appendix right at the end of category lists, rather than being sorted alphabetically under 'U' where they are not easily noticed. The same logic should apply to 'uncommon' or 'singular' collective items if implemented.  

Suggesting that I should (for example) delete 1,000+ files from my 'Singles' folder because I only have one or two songs by any given artist is just plain silly. Also inventing a new personal tagging scheme is pretty unhelpful too; the Title, Artist and Album Artist tags all have very clearly defined purposes, and I would not suggest people start widely appending contributing artist names onto Title tags when there are two perfectly good and well-defined tags (which can each contain multiple entries) set up for the purpose already.


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2 hours ago, Bencherished said:

My bad, I asked for your opinion. 

I am still learning how the forum works, but I'm not okay with the fact that someone has to say what is not to be said in the forum.

@Bencherished There is nothing wrong at all with stating some facts and even opinions here. That is what the forum is for. After all, that is where some of the best ideas for improvement come from. So I don't think you should be too concerned about this. Many of your posts have been helpful to the community.

But I do agree with @andrewilley that repurposing and manipulating the metadata tag fields to suit a player's handling is not the most effective way to resolve an issue. And a step like deleting one or many files should probably be a step that is only ever manually initiated to avoid having anything deleted potentially forever, for those that don't keep a decent backup at home. I know that everybody manages their data differently, but intentionally breaking from the norm probably isn't the way to go.

Ultimately the player should work with the real data, and from there the users should have the ability to browse their library. Often the real problem tends to be more about tags that haven't been completed or don't have consistent data to allow players like Poweramp to properly catalog them.

On 12/20/2022 at 9:00 AM, mrselfdestructni said:

Will it be possible to add feature of hiding artists/bands who have less than x songs (2 or 1 for example) just to give to fresh air to artist page?

I think this really highlights the key difference when browsing by Artist versus AlbumArtist, or any of the other key tag fields. For reference, I have a library on my SD card of over 24k songs. This is broken down into 31 Genres, 49 Composers, 1974 Albums, 770 AlbumArtists, and 4524 Artists. Each of these main library headings can then help you drill down to narrow your choices pretty easily. Plus you have the option to use the search feature to more quickly find things. Using the A-Z bar helps too. And scrolling through the lists is super fast and seamless, even on my older Android 8.1 device.


19 hours ago, 6b6561 said:

I personally never use the Artist category as it's a never ending list, Album Artist is more usable for me.

Completely agree with you here. Generally the only time I use the Artist list for browsing is when I'm really looking for a single track that is likely buried into a Compilation somewhere.


For the record, I'm not opposed to the idea of having some kind of filter applied to these library lists to hide any of them that have less than X entries. But I do think there are some other ideas that may be higher in the development queue. It appears that a major investment is being made currently into lyric support, with some near release teased already. @andrewilley Perhaps this idea fits generally into one of the Frequently Requested Features on that list, and can be added there?


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@MotleyG I am not against hiding, I was against the reason for hiding, for the reason that an artist has few songs does not mean, it should not be seen, I saw it as being discriminating towards that artist, so to put it right, if they are not worthy of seeing, then delete them, hence my suggestion, not that I am asking anyone to delete songs. 

Poweramp is not perfect, neither does any other music player, I only shared what I am doing in my library to keep it clean, but I am being told that (Suggesting that I should (for example) delete 1,000+ files from my 'Singles' folder because I only have one or two songs by any given artist is just plain silly.)

If I should use the word (plain S*lly) on anyone here on thisforum, I will be cautioned, that's why I said, I'm not okay with the fact that someone has to say what is not to be said in the forum.


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We are talking about a cleaner library, but the owner of this topic never mentioned hiding files with an unknown artist tag, but instead, number of songs an artist has, it does not make sense to me, and I suggested setting tags right, the silly name caller did not see that, because I said I don't use various artists in my tag.

Did you forget that it's just my opinion? 


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@Bencherished I said the idea of suggesting someone deletes all songs that are by one-off artists from your library was silly. Which IMHO it is.

It is a perfectly acceptable request to have an option to limit visibility in category lists to common or more popular names only, to avoid having to wade through hundreds of one-off names that each only apply to a single song. If you don't want to use it though, no one would force you to.

Oh, and no one would be cautioned for using such an inoffensively mild term as silly anyway. Perhaps it translates into something more sinister in another language?


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