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Smart Replay Gain


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I think "Smart Replay Gain" should be a feature so that we don't have to manually go into settings and change which type gain tag is being used. This thread talks about "Smart Gain". Basically "Smart gain" would automatically use Album gain tags when albums are being played and if a playlist / track shuffle is detected then track gain tags would be used.


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On 11/22/2022 at 6:00 PM, w3wilkes said:

Now the big question is will this make the "Frequently Suggested Feature" list?

Not sure that I've seen a lot of threads about this? The point of that list is more to prevent lots of new posts on a subject when there are already multiple busy existing ones (not generally for one thread which a few people have added to). It's a bit subjective anyway - and I have no idea whether Max uses it for reference, or even looks at it, as he has his own to-do list.


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