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Cannot cast to chromecast

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I know there is another thread on this but it seems like it is being considered as resolved however I have been having issues for months. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt. I haven't had it working at all in weeks now though. It's clearly not a fixed issue.

Exactly the same issue as others, connects to the speaker, an audible sound is made to confirm that but the music doesn't play. The seeker moved for 3 seconds before looping back.

App updated, everything rebooted.

The free Hifi cast app works perfectly everytime so I can't see why this issue is just constant with Poweramp which I foolishly paid for. Now I'm having to use this ugly hifi cast app :(

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I still have the same problem with my Galaxy Note+  but my other samsung phone works fine???

Same android version 12, kernel 4.14.190, PA build-939.

- I am able to click "cast" in Power Amp

I get the  "Ding" connection sound from Chrome Cast speaker as usual, and no output from Chrome Cast speaker!

- Power Amp thinks it is casting, allows to control volume play/stop, next and previous, it even displays the song tags if I cast on TV

- no sound on Chrome Cast speaker and the PA progress bar comes back every 3 seconds.

- all other apps can cast of that same device.

I would appreciate to have a feedback.

Thank you

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Is there anything in common between your two devices, firmware, or Chromecast unit? My own Samsung A70 with Android 11 casts perfectly to a gen1 Chromecast dongle and to my Onkyo amplifier.

There have been a couple of server-side issues in the past, but when they occur they affect all users and they have to be rectified centrally, which does not seem to be the case here.


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For me, I'm using a Google pixel 5. I don't have any other devices to test though. I have chromecast audio set up in a few places. Main living room set up connected to Yamaha reciever, and then on standard speakers in my bedroom, kitchen and workshop. Poweramp fails to connect to all of them. 

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