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Album art not visible in notification area


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I have a problem with album art not visible in my notification area. It doesn't happen all the time playing songs, about half of the time, but until now I haven't observed any pattern. It mostly shows up again after album change. Have a Google Pixel 5 with Android 12L. All my album art is stored in the album's folder as "Folder.jpg". I never use automated art download or store it differently.

I tried deleting cache, changing all kinds of settings, but nothing did the trick. Attaching some photos.

Also the sound sometimes goes silent for about 3 seconds and then resumes. Happens ever hour or two. All of that independently of whether it is played on the phone's speaker, USB-C to jack adapter or BT device. Also prolonging the buffer doesn't help. This has been happenning for a few months now. Don't you know what's up with that?





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Immediately after one of these occasional periods of silence, please try getting a log with PA Settings => Get Support => Send Log => Send email to gpmaxmpz [at] gmail.com. You might want to try increasing the buffer size, but that's set per each output device.

Have you tried different Notification methods in Settings => Look and Feel => Notifications ?


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Will try to send a log, though I was having much bigger audio drops, especially on Bluetooth audio, when I switched from Auto notification to Legacy or Media with custom cover. To be fair, when not on Auto, the album art never disappeared from my knowing, but the audio drops made it unusable. I think it has to do with how Android 12+ handles background processes much more agressively and the other notification methods make the audio skip as the system is trying to kill it. It also doesn't appear in the Quick Settings and on the lock screen as a audio, but instead is treated as a normal notification, which I don't want. I also like the Android 13's media controls much more.

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@krYshuT try to toggle Album Art / API Compatibility option. This should be off by default on Samsungs. If it doesn't help, when song with the missing album art is played, share it via Poweramp / Send / Gmail / gpmaxmpz@gmail.com for tests.

As for BT drops:
- firmware puts app to sleep state. Ensure Poweramp (and Unlocker if you have it) is not "optimized" for the battery
- audio buffer issue. Default audio buffer is OK, but if you changed it or, for example, restored some older settings backup, those values may be off. Use "Restore Defaults" in the Poweramp Audio outputs settings.
- if BT drops for other players as well, try to un-pair and pair the BT device again.

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Thank you Max for suggestions, I already tried all of these to no avail, played a lot with different settings. I'm always on Pixel Beta program, currently on "12L June Feature Drop Beta", could that be the cause?

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