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    UI element bugs and wrong tagging

    Thanks for the replies. I get that Poweramp is for a "poweruser", but my frustrations still remain and I think that most of these things are just a pain for anyone. These tag related features are commonplace for example in Windows Media Player for decades. #1/3/4 These settings just forces to show certain tags, but from Artist type libraries, it has no effect. When you play a song with featured artists from withing Album Artist library, it doesn't show it. This is I think really frustrating to anyone, who has his library tagged with featured artists and so. I still don't get why there are 3 types of Artist type libraries, not just that it's confusing, but as said before, other players does this by default in a common sense manner: IF there IS an "albumartist" tag THEN use it next to an "album" tag AND IF there IS ALSO "artist" tag THEN show it next to a song "title" tag (in an opened album, player, notification) IF there IS NOT an "albumartist" tag THEN use "artist" tag Simple as that and there is no need for 3 types of libraries solving this "problem" that never should have been a problem in the first place. It seems like a solution in search of a problem. #6 Not an expert, sorry. Whether it's frequency or loudness, the bug still remains. There is no change in volume whatsoever on these types of songs, where you can see this sudden change. #2/8 I guess not everyone (beauty of configurabilty), but from a musical chronology logic, it seems like the most pliable way by default and Poweramp can't even do this. It's how a "music library" should look like. Other players do this (using WMP for decades on a PC). Also not having a seekbar is a pain, when you have 100+ albums. #7/9 You're right, there may be a different art, but that happens in a queue (when it can stay), but not in an album or the likes of it. Still, I mean really? Do we need one song taking one third of a screen? Why isn't compact list a default like in every other player? It's kinda annoying to apply this in every library. There is much more potential for this poor use of space.
  2. Love the new Poweramp, it fixed a lot of bugs regarding displaying tags and visualizing it into the UI, it is a breeze to use it now. However I still have some bugs to report and / or suggestions on how some of these bug-related UI elements should be diplayed correctly. Also want to flex my MS Paint skills, and to keep things simple, made a numbered list related to the images of my concerns. SCREENSHOT 1 SCREENSHOT 2 ITEM #1: In all libraries (except the Album Artist one), an "ARTIST" tag is used even when "ALBUMARTIST" tag is included in a track. Evidently, the last song on each album is used to display the artist tag in those libraries. This cause wrong sorting and displaying in this situation for example: IMAGE #3 - a James Brown album is shown and sorted as an Afrika Bambaataa album, because the last song on his album "Star Time" is actually from Afrika Bambaataa. Once opening the album from that library and playing that song, everything is shown as it should (ARTIST tag shown). ITEM #2: The fast seekbar disapears when you sort the library by anything other than name. That's a shame. I guess everyone would find it better if the album section would be sorted first album artist, then by a year and then by name. Especially when you have more albums from one artist. ITEM #3: The problem I started with continues here. The tag is correctly displayed in Album Artist library and sublibrary of every artist in there. But when you open the album from here, it continues to use the Album Artist tag and loads it differently than above. This section should now use the "ARTIST" tag. ITEM #4: The problem continues. When you play the song from Album Artist library, even the now playing screen now shows the "ALBUMARTIST" tag instead of "ARTIST" so you won't see featured artists in "ARTIST" tag when included. The image above it shows it does display the featured artist when you play the same track from any other library. ITEM #5: This is cosmetical and a bit of a feature request - it would be lovely if there was an option for a third line dedicated to album name (or maybe an editor on what to show and what not) and not showing it in a ARTIST - ALBUM format. The thing is that in the current state, it feels really crowded, a big portion of songs are just cut because the artist's or album's name is really long. ITEM #6: On some songs, there is a big pitch in the track seekbar even though there is not anything pitching in the song. Is there any way to smooth these bugs and put in a more linear line? ITEM #7: The default size of clickable song element is just too big when opening an album. I can change it, but I have to do that in every library. Is it really necessary having it that insanely big by default not even seing the full artist's name (and having the album tag after it). ITEM #8: This is related to #2. Not a biggie. I guess everyone would find it better if the album section would be sorted first album artist, then by a year and then by name. Especially when you have more albums from one artist. ITEM #9: There is lot of stuff going on here and I find it confusing. It is an opened album and it's size was set at the minimum by me (as it should be by default IMO like I said in #7). But even at the smallest size, it is so crowded. You just opened and album and want to play a song from it - why would you need an image art next to each song (it is especially annoying at the default size, see #7), why would you need an album tag after every artist tag in the list. It should be dedicated to just a song name, its length, an artist (as with featuring they differ) and maybe its track number (still better than 20 images in every opened album). There is already an album image, album name information on the top of the list, so there's no need for it, it's just confusing and poor use of space. If anything could be added, it is definitely a genre tag - on top of the list. Then there is the same bug as in the #1 item - the last song's "ARTIST" tag is used instead of "ALBUMARTIST" tag. Finally, last thing - the floating now playing window could use the same suggestion as I made in the #5 item - 3 lines instead of 2. Keep up the great work!
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    "ALBUMARTIST" ID3 tag support

    Oh you're right! Never noticed, there is a new aplha, I had the first one. Thank you guys, was looking for this for like 3 years
  4. Hello, I love the new Poweramp 3, but I still miss the ability to read the ID3tag "ALBUMARTIST". Poweramp can read only tag "ARTIST" so every album which has songs with featurings and both of these tags, are separeted into more albums in library. I have about 50 artists on my phone, but in "Artist" section Poweramp sorts them in 509, that's crazy. Sample: http://i.snag.gy/NFrtv.jpg I thought maybe the section "Albums by artist" would sort it the right way, but it still uses the "ARTIST" ID3tag and sorts it in whole other way, but still badly, it can't handle both tags in songs. Sample: http://i.snag.gy/R4b2a.jpg This is how the stock Google Play Music player sorts the same music collection: http://i.snag.gy/ioJKn.jpg http://i.snag.gy/bMq01.jpg In library, it sorts every album by "ALBUMARTIST" ID3tag properly and when you open the album/song, it shows the ARTIST tag which may incude featurings: http://i.snag.gy/MzoTC.jpg That's how it should be done and I'm surprised that Poweramp can't do it. Next bug related to this ID3 tag problem I found has the same problem - when there are more albums with same name but different artists (like "Greatest Hits"), they are all in one album. So for example in my Poweamp library I have one "Greatest Hits" album all with Guns 'N' Roses, Queen and Will Smith songs. One more thing - when you get a system notification, Poweramp pauses the song and then resumes it. Why not just fade the audio and play it in background like the stock player does it? Thanks in advance and I hope you will find my suggestions useful, love your app